Deep clean your windows with our purified water & telescopic pole system. 

Unblock & Wash your gutters and ensure water flows safely away from your home.

Refresh your exterior walls using our methods that are safe for your home & the environment.

Maximise your energy efficiency with the removal of lichen and dirt from your solar panels.

“More than just cleaning.
Attentive & Passionate about engineering a great Service Experience

Locations We Cover

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Conservatory roof cleaning in Westbury in Wiltshire

A convenient, thorough and experienced window cleaning service covering residential properties.

Water Fed Pole Cleaning

High reach window cleaning systems are thorough and consistent when operated by experienced cleaners like us. Your privacy is also respected by not using ladders and the risk of damage or an accidents is greatly reduced.

Day Before Notification

You will receive an SMS notification the day before we visit so you will always know when we are visiting and you’ll have notice to allow for access.

Email invoices & Online payments

Busy lives require slick systems. With everyone wanting a portion of your attention we make payments super easy.

Your own assigned cleaner

You have a specific cleaner who will look after your home so you can build trust and familiarity. We will also listen to and respect your preferences by treating your home as you like.

Your Gutter System plays a vital role in protecting your home from damp damage and also how your home appears to others in respect of visual appearance.

Gutter Clearance

Ensure your gutters are free to safely flow water away from your home.

Gutter Washing

The quickest and most cost effective way of improving the kerb appeal of your home. Clean gutters & fascias present a good impression.

Gutter Inspections

If you’re unsure about the condition of your gutters, we can perform a Gutter Condition Report. We use a remote camera to inspect your gutters and provide you a report for your consideration. This is useful for home insurance claims.

Extensive capability

Every home is different and we benefit from a wide range of capabilities when it comes to cleaning gutters.
From vacuum systems, manual clearance using ladders and even scaffold tower access; we can cover most applications effectively.

New render coatings look great when new and clean. But after just a few years they start to show discolouration and coloured trails.

This is caused by algae, lichen and other biological growth.

Address the root cause

We will address the cause of the staining as opposed to just cleaning the visible symptoms.

A safe solution

We clean your home’s render in a way that is safe for us, you, your home and the general public.

city & guilds assured

We have undertaken a City & Guilds Assured course to consolidate our skills meaning your costly render is in good hands with us.

HSE approved products

We use products which are compliant with Health & Safety Executive legislation and are approved for their usage.

Get Maximum energy production from your solar panels by ensuring they are clean and free from sun blocking lichen, algae and moss.

cleaned safely from the ground

Most residential solar panels can be cleaned safely from the ground.

experienced & insured

We are highly experienced and fully insured and compliant.

high access capable

For difficult to access panels we are trained to clean using high access and roof cable systems.

easy maintenance programs

You can opt to have your solar panels cleaned as part of a cost effective maintenance program.

Proven Customer Service Track Record

Cleaning your windows since 2016 with 89 Google Reviews with an average rating of
4.9 out of 5.0 stars.

Since 2016 we have continually developed our service to make it easier to have your window and exterior cleaning completed.
We are a great fit for busy people saving you time and hassle of making arrangements.
There is no need to gamble with your window and exterior cleaning needs. Choose Omega and we’ll ensure you are looked after.