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WIndow cleaning in Bath, Lansdown crescent using water fed pole system

Benefits of Your Window Cleaning

As a client of Omega Window Cleaning; there is some benefits that you may like:

Online Invoicing & Payments

Your window cleaning works seamlessly as payments are easily sorted with a computer or mobile.

Reach all Windows

Virtually all windows can be easily and safely cleaned without the need for ladders.

Day Before Text Alerts

You will know when we are visiting as you will receive SMS Notifications the day before your cleaning.

Allocated Cleaner – DBS Clear

Your own assigned cleaner will learn your preferences and we are DBS cleared for your peace of mind.

Clean Vans
Smart Uniforms

Your home will be attended to in a professional manner. Clean and Smart with a Smile as well.

A Full Clean
Glass, Frames, Sills & Doors

Your cleaning is comprehensive. We clean all aspects of your windows & doors.

6 or 9 Weekly Visits
Or a ‘One Off’ Service

Choose the regularity that suits you or we can just provide a simple One Off Visit.

We Treat Your Home with Respect & Courtesy

We close gates, pick up stray litter and keep off the flower bed. We treat your home as you like.

Window Cleaning Prices

Guideline Window Cleaning prices so you’ll have a good idea of approximate prices for your window cleaning services. Every home is different so we’ll always quote first for clarity.

Small House
6 Weekly = £16 – £18
9 Weekly = £19 – £22
Conservatory + £7

Medium House
6 Weekly = £19 – £22
9 Weekly = £23 – £26
Conservatory + £8

Large House
6 Weekly = £23 – £28
9 Weekly = £28 – £34
Conservatory + £10

Very Large House
6 Weekly = from £29
9 Weekly = from £35
Conservatory + £12

How Will my window cleaning service work?

Your Window Cleaning Journey

Window cleaning services can be arranged easily from your own home without the need for arranging visits. We always provide well organised and clear quotes which are provided via email which allows you to make a comfortable and informed choice with your cleaning.

1. Request your quote

Complete the Quote Request for below. It takes just 2 mins and follow this up by sending some simple photos of your house.


You will be assigned an estimated week for your cleaning and you will get an SMS Notification the day before we visit as confirmation.


Your quote is sent clearly laid out so you can choose your cleaning without any pressure. Let us know what cleaning you require.

4. your windows are cleaned

We’ll arrive on the day to clean your windows. We only need access around the outside of your home. We’ll ensure all is shiny & clean and your invoice will be emailed to you within a few days.

Window Cleaning Questions – FAQs

When will you visit for my window cleaning?

Your window cleaning is conducted within the hours of 0830 to 1830 from Monday through Saturday. For your Initial Visit we will provide an estimated week within which we can complete your cleaning and we will confirm the day before via SMS Notification.

We are unable to visit by appointment or on specific days I’m afraid because our work is so dynamic that we see almost continual change in reaction to workloads.

I have windows that others have not been able to access, reach or clean. Can you clean them?

We carry cleaning poles that can reach 6 floors high (roughly 15 metres) so there is very few windows we cannot clean. Many window cleaners are limited with their working reach as they cannot justify the higher costs for higher reach systems which see limited application.

We have many years of experience so many windows that were harder to clean years ago are now a simple task with improved skill and body strength.

I’ve experienced streaking and poor results before with Pure Water window cleaning.
How can I be sure you will leave a good finish?

Experience and an acute attention to detail is required in order to achieve good results on a reliable basis.

Vents, Sash & Georgian Windows, UV faded frames, perished rubber seals and even strong direct sun at the time of cleaning all require specific adjustments that an experienced window cleaner will dynamically take into account during the cleaning process.

Where many companies have continual staff turnover and there is new start ups occurring all the time; the experience element is usually undeveloped.

We do have the experience and expertise to deliver a top standard service reliably.

Will it be the same person cleaning my windows each time?


You will be assigned a specific window cleaner who will be your point of contact and your service provider. This means you can build trust and rapport with your cleaner.

We can then ensure we work in a way that suits your preferences. Simple things like being familiar with dogs, family members and neighbours for example are all great intangible benefits.

While you have your own assigned cleaner, we all work to the same standards and maintain a uniformed approach working to the same business culture centred around great service, developed skills and a positive can do attitude which we are accountable to.

Do you have insurance to cover for accidents for my home and cars when you’re working here?


We are insured for up to £5 million for Public Liability and Damage to Property. Accidents are very unusual but do happen.

Should an accident happen we are protected by insurance coverage but to ensure a better experience we may rectify the issue independently to make the process smooth and reduce stress that can sometimes occur when dealing with insurers.

Our strategic view is always one of how to set things right in the best way possible for you. 

Do I have to be home for cleaning?


We carry all equipment, supplies, water and power within our vans. All we need is access around the exterior of your property.

There is no need to wait in. As long as your gate is unlocked or the bolt is accessible over the fence then we will conduct the cleaning and leave your home as we found it except for cleaning.

We always work from a clearly signed van and wear uniform so it will be clear to neighbours who we are and what we are doing in light of not causing alarm.

Will you clean my windows when it is raining?

We do clean in the rain.

The reason for this is that rain water is actually almost as pure as the water we clean with. Because rain water contains virtually no hardness or impurities; it does not mark windows that are already clean.

It is only when rain water lands on and dries on already dirty glass that spots are noticed because they move the dirt already present.

For some applications such as velux windows, patio doors and bi-folds rain water will splash up dirt. This is unavoidable and should be reasonably expected due to the nature of British weather. We can visit on a lovely sunny day only to have rain the next without prior forecast.

It’s best to think of window cleaning as a service provided to maintain a good standard of cleanliness as opposed to trying to time visits to a point where there is a run of good weather as this is virtually impossible in the UK.

Can you clean my conservatory too?

Your conservatory can be cleaned in two main ways.

Firstly, we can clean the side sections of your conservatory in addition to your window cleaning and this is considered an integral part of your window cleaning service when you have a conservatory on your home. In this way we clean the complete side profile of the conservatory up to and including the outside of the gutter.

The second type of cleaning we can provide you is cleaning of your conservatory roof. We are able to completely clean the roof of your conservatory and we will normally clear and wash the inside of the gutter as well. Conservatory Roof cleaning is normally conducted on a less frequent basis of usually once or twice a year. We clean using low pressure systems so there is no risk of leaking if your conservatory roof is in a fair to good condition.

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Pearl T  |   Aug 2018  |   5 out of 5 Stars

“Excellent window cleaning service. Efficient, prompt and very friendly. Highly recommended. Have been using their service for over 6 months, never had a problem!”

Ian H | Aug 2020 | 5 out of 5 Stars

“Omega Window Cleaning always do a fantastic job cleaning our windows. Honest, reliable and friendly and they get to know there customers which is something of a rarity these days. Highly recommended!”

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