Ways of Working – Omega Window Cleaning

We are committed to providing a service of mutual value to all our clients. In this document we outline how we conduct our services so that you may seek clarification on the finer details of our operations.

System of Window Cleaning

Our default method of window cleaning is by use of purified water delivered through a telescopic pole. Following extensive use of both the traditional method (Applicator & Squeegee rubber) and the purified water system, we conclude that we are able to deliver a better standard of cleaning by use of the purified water system.

We also feel that the purified water system affords you the benefit of privacy for upstairs windows as well as the courtesy of not requiring a ladder to be rested on your home or property. This system of purified water delivered through a telescopic brush is utilised for the majority of our Services such as Gutter Cleaning.

Should you have a more traditional style of window such as wooden sash frames or leaded glass, we will use a specific brush attachment which is softer than normal to ensure extra care is taken when cleaning.

Our window cleaning prices include standard cleaning of your windows and doors inclusive of all frames, glass and sills. We will also clean under sills where visible and clean particular fascias and trims which are integral to your window units.
Should you have any adhered substances on your windows and doors such as Sticky Residue, Staining, Discolouration, Render, Hard Water Staining, Paint or any other foreign object or substance; we are unlikely to be able to remove this with our system under normal cleaning conditions.

In the unlikely event of you having any of the stated substances on your windows or doors we will be able to provide an additional quote, where requested, for their removal depending on the severity. In cases where we deem the substances are minor we may be able to remove without charge but this will be done on a case by case discretionary basis.

Weather We Clean In

Given the system of window cleaning that we primarily operate, we will continue to conduct our cleaning in most weather conditions including light and moderate rain.

The reason for this is because rainwater on the glass will not affect the finish of cleaned windows because rainwater contains no significant hardness or minerals.

Only in heavy rain or temperatures at 0 degrees or below will we cease working due to health and safety considerations.

Access Requirements

We aim to provide a notification to every client the day before we visit.

Where access is required we kindly request that you make the necessary allowance to ensure we are able to attend and access your property for cleaning. Where access is blocked we may seek alternative means of access if possible to do so without causing any damage. For example where a gate may be locked, we may use a step ladder to go over your gate.

Should we attend your home and complete access is not possible we will charge a minimum of 75% of the full price or £12 if the normal cleaning price is £16 or less . In most cases there may be no access to the rear and we may only be able to clean 50-60% of your windows. However, the 75% charge takes into account the allocation of time that has been reserved for your cleaning.

In the event of full access not being available you should email us on: info@OmegaWindowCleaning.org.uk at your earliest convenience. This will allow us to allocate the time for other clients wishing to have cleaning conducted.

In the rare instance we experience repeated instances of incomplete property access we will regretfully withdraw our services so that our time can be more efficiently allocated, allowing for a more effective service.


For Residential Customers, payments should be made using bank transfer or GoCardless for automated payments. We require that payment is cleared within 7 days of cleaning.

It is important to use the correct payment reference when paying for your window cleaning. Your payment reference will be the first line of your address. For example 12 Random Street. If your home only includes a name then please just use the house name. Without the correct reference we may not be able to link your payment to you.

For One Off Services we require payment prior to commencement of any cleaning.

For Commercial Clients, payments can be made using bank transfer. Cheque is accepted for amounts in excess of £100 and where multiple persons are required for authorisation. For commercial invoices we require payment is cleared within 14 days unless alternative terms are agreed.

For clients using our services for the first time we reserve the right to request payment immediately upon completion of the work and/or we may request a deposit be made before starting the service. This is uncommon practice in most scenarios, however, we will put into effect these actions when conducting services of significant value and/or if you are due to be moving address within the next 30 days.


We are insured for up to £5 million for Public Liability & Damage to Property Worked Upon.
We are insured to cover for any damage that may arise whilst working on your property which is found to be our fault.

We will not accept liability for damage that may occur due to poor care, lack of maintenance or deterioration of your property. For example, we will not accept responsibility for brittle fixings which may become dislodged as a result of normal cleaning agitation and are not a result of improper conduct or lack of attention by us.

We will not accept liability for any ingress of water into your property as a result of your windows not being water tight or adequately sealed.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is an important consideration in the choosing of a tradesman or contractor. At Omega Window Cleaning we take the matter very seriously in order to protect our clients, your property, the public and ourselves.

We continually review health and safety practices for the window cleaning activities we conduct. The outcome of this continual review is our ‘Risk Assessment and Method Statement for General Operations’. Within this document we outline how we are to conduct each task in good detail to ensure procedures are efficient and as safe as possible.

Contract of Services

Your Commitment – Unlike other window cleaners, we will not charge you an additional premium for conducting the First Clean when you request to commence a regular service even though it takes us 50% longer on average to conduct your First Clean.

However, we require that you commit to a minimum of 3 recurring cleaning visits at your preferred cycle of every 6 or 9 weeks. Should you request to suspend or cancel your recurring service prior to the completion of 3 visits you will be liable to pay a cancellation charge equal to your 6 weekly price.

This cancellation charge is the same premium applied to One Off and Adhoc services which are declared as non recurring from the outset.
If you’re unsure of your commitment, we advise you declare this from the outset. We will charge you a First Clean price which is double the 6 weekly price and if you maintain your visit frequency we will provide the 3rd clean free of charge therefore subsidising the initial premium paid for the First Clean.

Cancelling Your Service – Should you wish to cancel any service you have requested, whether it be a recurring/ regular service or any requested Add On services; we require a minimum of 1 weeks notice via email.
This is because we forward allocate our time for your cleaning and any cancellation either on the day or the evening before voids that reserved time which cannot then be allocate elsewhere at short notice.
Should you not provide a minimum of 1 weeks notice, we will charge you 50% of the value of the cleaning that was due to take place.

If you are cancelling your regular window cleaning service prior to 3 completed visits. Your cancellation charge will be equal to your 6 weekly price.

Visit Days and Timings

We are unable to visit within set timings due to the fluid nature of our work. The same applies to restrictions of certain days of the week.

Our visits are conducted from 0830 to 1830 from Monday through Saturday.


We determine our pricing based upon multiple factors which include but are not limited to; Location, Accessibility, Number of Windows, Window Type and Preferred Regularity.

Whilst we structure our prices around a fixed structure we reserve the right to provide a bespoke quotation where required and this will always be proportionate to the assessed time, effort and resources required to effectively clean your windows.

All of our prices are inclusive of VAT for our residential clients. The price you see is the price you pay.


Whilst we endeavour to provide a service which adds value to each and every one of our clients, we appreciate that you may wish to raise a complaint or constructive criticism.

In the event you may wish to do so, please forward your complaints to info@OmegaWindowCleaning.org.uk and they will be handled by the business owner, Denis Otto, personally.

In the unlikely event we have made a mistake or error we will aim to put it right as soon as reasonably possible.