Ways of Working – Omega Window Cleaning

Our aim behind providing these terms is to be more forthcoming with how we work rather than impose restrictions as you would normally come to expect within conventional terms and conditions. This way you can review that our service is suitable for you and understand how the provision of your cleaning service will look and feel.

By using our services you agree to these terms and conditions.

1. System of Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning – Your windows will be cleaned using our Water Fed Pole (WFP) System. This consists of a telescopic pole with a specially designed brush which can clean your windows by one of our team safely from the ground.

We use specially filtered water which does not contain any hardness, scale or impurities. As a result we will not dry your glass. Allow them to dry naturally and you will be left with a streak free finish.

Should you have a more traditional style of window such as wooden sash frames or leaded glass, we will use a specific flocked brush attachment which is softer than normal to ensure extra care is taken when cleaning.

What is Included – Our window cleaning prices include standard cleaning of your windows and doors inclusive of all frames, glass and sills. We will also clean under sills where visible and clean particular fascias and trims which are integral to your window units.

What is Not Included – Some elements are not included within our normal cleaning service. Some of these can be cleaned for an additional premium due to extra labour and materials being required.

Removal of builders residue (Render, cement, adhesives and paint)
Restoring discolouration
Hard Water Staining (Add £3 per window unit or per patio/bi-fold pane)
Removal of Rust or UV Bleaching
Cleaning of Stone sills

Unless otherwise indicated above, we will quote on application for correction of any of the above where we are able to do so.

Should you have any small atrium, multi pane skylight or flat roof glazing, these are not considered as ordinary window units and are therefore not included within your ‘Window Cleaning’ quote unless specifically highlighted.

In most cases, glazing of this nature is cleaned on an ad-hoc basis but should you wish for this to be cleaned in-line with your ordinary window cleaning service we will happily adjust your quote accordingly.

Gutter Washing – We use the same water fed pole cleaning system for washing gutters and fascias. This is owing to better safety, improved accessibility for gutters that cannot be reached via ladders and that it is able to provide a more thorough and intricate clean. The bristles on the brushes will clean into crevices of the brackets and higher up your fascia boards behind the gutter.

It should be noted that in some instances your gutters, fascias and soffits may suffer from staining which our systems are not able to remove. Whilst unlikely, in some cases gutters and fascias may be faded, tarnished or outright stained following prolonged periods of not being cleaned or even brief exposure to harmful substances. We find this is more common in areas subject to high volumes of vehicular use such as near busier roads for example.

Gutter Clearance – When conducting your gutter clearance we primarily use a high powered vacuum system. The main benefits of this system are safety and efficiency. Your gutters can be mostly cleaned from the ground and the powerful suction of the vacuum will often remove greater levels of dust and finer debris within your gutters that hand removal will not. We will then address any particular issues by hand using a ladder where necessary and safely accessible. Gutter Clearance will remove approx 95% of gutter debris and some negligible residue or crust will generally remain although this will only be a negligible amount and will not impede the drainage or flow of your gutter.

It should be noted that our fixed pricing system does not include gutter clearance where any gutter devices are fitted such as Hedgehogs, Gutter brushes, grills or any similar device. These often require removing before a clearance can commence. If you have any of these devices fitted please alert us as soon as possible as we will be required to alter your quote to allow for the extra time and resources to conduct this type of clearance.

2. Windows Accessibility

We can clean virtually all windows using our Water Fed Pole system, however, there is some instances where we may not be able to clean certain windows either all or in part. Our quoted prices take into account the limited cleaning we can offer with these.

Balconies – Where you have any windows which are covered either fully or partially by balcony railings, screens or separate glazing, we will clean where we can reasonably access.

Conservatories – If your conservatory has been installed in such a position that leaves limited space between it and a fence, wall or other installation; we may not be able to effectively use our equipment to clean this part of it. We can usually clean within said gaps to a reasonable standard providing there is 40cms or more width in which we can manoeuvre our cleaning equipment.

Other Windows – Where you have window units that can only be accessed via third party property (such as a neighbours garden) we may not be able to do unless permission is obtained and reasonable.

3. Minimum Commitment & First Cleans

We now only provide our window cleaning services on a recurring basis. This means your cleaning is conducted on a repetitive basis every 6 or every 9 weeks based on your choice.

Our Add On services such as Gutter Cleaning and Solar Panel cleaning are now also only available to clients who also receive a recurring window cleaning service.

You are committed to completing a minimum of 3 cleaning visits are the requested intervals with some variation for workloads taken into account. If you do not complete a minimum of 3 cleaning visits, you will be invoiced for a cancellation fee which is equal to the 6 weekly cleaning price.

First Cleans – When we conduct your first clean, we adopt a different technique which delivers a greater depth of cleaning. This takes a lot longer but ensures that the standard of cleaning is what we expect moving forwards.

4. Weather We Clean In

Given the system of window cleaning that we primarily operate, we will continue to conduct our cleaning in most weather conditions including light and moderate rain.

The reason for this is that rainwater on the glass will not affect the finish of cleaned windows because rainwater contains no significant hardness or minerals.

Only in heavy rain or temperatures at 0 degrees or below will we cease working due to health and safety considerations.

5. External Property Access

We always provide a notification to every client the day before we visit.

Where access is required we kindly request that you make the necessary allowance to ensure we are able to attend and access your property for cleaning. Where access is blocked we may seek alternative means of access if possible to do so without causing any damage. For example where a gate may be locked, we may use a step ladder to go over your gate.

Should we attend your home and full access is not possible we will charge a minimum of 75% of the full price or £12 if the normal cleaning price is £16 or less . In most cases, there may be no access to the rear and we may only be able to clean 50-60% of your windows. However, the 75% charge takes into account the allocation of time that has been reserved for your cleaning.

In the event of full access not being available you should email us on: info@OmegaWindowCleaning.org.uk at your earliest convenience. This will allow us to allocate the time for other clients wishing to have cleaning conducted wherever possible.

In the rare instance that we experience repeated instances of incomplete property access we will regretfully withdraw our services so that our time can be more efficiently allocated, allowing for a more effective service.

6. Delayed or Cancelling Cleaning & Building Works

At times you may need to postpone cleaning visits for personal reasons, building works or if you are not home to unlock a gate.

Where this occurs we can either attend and clean a proportionate part of your property which is subject to a minimum charge of 75% of the normal cleaning price as highlighted in point 5 above.

Alternatively, we can delay your cleaning visit. Depending on your location we will be able to see you in 3, 6 or 9 weeks depending on the coverage available.

If you request to delay your cleaning you will be charged an addition to account for the increased frequency between cleans. This is because we charge an additional 20% for 9 weekly cleaning over 6 weekly. A cleaning visit interval of 12 weeks or more due to a requested delay will be charged at 40% over the 6 weekly price.

Illustrative Example:
6 Weekly Price £20
9 Weekly Price £24 (or 6 weekly cleaning delayed by 3 weeks)
12 Weekly Price £28 (for 9 weekly cleaning delayed by 3 or more weeks or 6 weekly cleaning delayed by 6 weeks or more)

7. Parking Availability

The equipment we require to clean your windows is all housed within the vans we drive and is essential for our work. For us to provide you a reliable service, we will need to park within a reasonable distance of around 25 meters to your property.

We will always take care to park and position our vans with courtesy, respect and due consideration for other road users and pedestrians. We will not violate local parking laws or restrictions.

We are able to park on public roads and private or driveway parking is not essential.

Should your home have extremely limited or unrealistic parking please let us know as soon as possible as we may refuse your cleaning if we arrive and it is not feasible to responsibly park a vehicle.

8. Visit Days and Timings

We are unable to visit within set timings due to the fluid nature of our work. The same applies to restrictions of certain days of the week.

Our visits are conducted from 0830 to 1830 from Monday through Saturday.

Please also allow for a few days flexibility in respect to your selected frequency of either 6 or 9 weeks. We may see you up to 5 days earlier or later in some instances. This is to allow for changes in workload and also to optimise cleaning including other homes within the same locality. Over the long term you will still be seen the correct number of times over each year.

9. Payments

You will need to pay for your cleaning via Bank Transfer. Your invoice will be emailed within 7 days. We kindly request that your payment is then cleared upon receipt of your invoice. We do not leave any invoice or payment at the time of cleaning.

When making your payment, please use the first line of your address as the payment reference.

10. Late Payments & Outstanding Debtors

We understand that life is busy and it can be easy to overlook making your payment for your cleaning. If your payment becomes overdue we will politely send you a reminder notification by SMS or Email.

This will be followed up with further polite reminders by SMS and/or Email. If you have any difficulty in paying, we encourage for you to simply get in touch with us via email and we will always endeavour to work with you for a solution of mutual benefit.

In the unlikely event that your payment becomes overdue by over 90 days and no agreement has been reached, we will charge an administration fee of £47.50 and seek legal intervention. This course of action will only be taken as a last resort and we always seek all possible alternatives prior to engaging this intervention.

We reserve the right to withdraw our services, without notice, in the event of repeated late payments and instances of non payment.

11. Pricing

We determine our pricing based upon multiple factors which include but are not limited to; Location, Accessibility, Number of Windows, Window Type and Preferred Regularity.

Whilst we structure our prices around a fixed structure we reserve the right to provide a bespoke quotation where required and this will always be proportionate to the assessed time, effort and resources required to effectively clean your windows.

All of our prices are inclusive of VAT for our residential clients. The price you see is the price you pay.

12. How To Contact Us

To get in touch with us you will need to email us directly on: info@OmegaWindowCleaning.org.uk.

We no longer handle any enquiries via telephone. This is not because we do not wish to speak with you but instead because we are a smaller team and we have not found it manageable to have someone available to take calls.

Following some data collection with our calls back in July and August 2019 we found that approx 85% of calls received were enquiries from people who ultimately did not ever use our services. In business terms this would mean that the cost of this would be mostly passed to our loyal clients who rarely need to get in touch over the course of a normal year. We feel this a great shame and mostly unfair. Instead, we decided to optimise by answering all enquiries via email only which ensures accuracy and clarity in our communications whilst also freeing up our time to best serve the clients who use us the most on a set recurring basis.

Our team is streamlined and when we arrive to clean your windows, you will receive our full attention as there is no calls to distract us when working.

13. Email Communications

We will from time to time send you updates via email. These will limited to updates on your service and our business operations and will not likely exceed more than 6 update emails in any given year.

You may be asked for feedback on your cleaning and this is mostly to verify your satisfaction and for us to assess the standards and practices of our cleaners as part of our efforts to maintain a service of high standards for you.

14. Insurance Coverage

We are insured for up to £5 million for Public Liability & Damage to Property Worked Upon.

We are insured to cover for any damage that may arise whilst working on your property which is found to be our fault.

We will not accept liability for damage that may occur due to poor care, lack of maintenance or deterioration of your property. For example, we will not accept responsibility for brittle fixings which may become dislodged as a result of normal cleaning agitation and are not a result of improper conduct or lack of attention by us.

We will not accept liability for any ingress of water into your property as a result of your windows not being water tight or adequately sealed.

15. Health & Safety

Health and safety is an important consideration in the choosing of a tradesman or contractor. At Omega Window Cleaning we take the matter very seriously in order to protect our clients, your property, the public and ourselves.

We continually review health and safety practices for the window cleaning activities we conduct. The outcome of this continual review is our ‘Risk Assessment and Method Statement for General Operations’. Within this document we outline how we are to conduct each task in good detail to ensure procedures are efficient and as safe as possible.

16. Confidentiality

All your information is retained safely on encrypted devices. Your information is not shared with any third parties unless otherwise stated and your cleaners will only have access to your information when attending for your cleaning via their encrypted and portable devices which are protected from unauthorised use.

We are fully compliant to current EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and value the importance of responsible and respectful use and storage of your necessary data and information.

Our GDPR Policy can be viewed on this site using the link.

17. Cancelling Your Service and/or Moving Home

Should you wish to cancel any service you have requested, whether it be a recurring/ regular service or any requested Add On services; we require a minimum of 1 weeks notice via email from when you require the cancellation to be effective from.

This is because we forward allocate our time for your cleaning and any cancellation either on the day or the evening before voids that reserved time which cannot then be allocated elsewhere at short notice.

If you are cancelling your regular window cleaning service prior to 3 completed visits. Your cancellation charge will be equal to the quoted 6 weekly price.

If you have sold your home or you are moving and we have not been notified at least 1 week before, we will charge a cancellation price equal to you 6 weekly price. We occasionally end up cleaning homes once residents have moved and the new owners are under no obligation to pay the charge. With our visits not being confirmed in advance, the 1 week notice period should be referenced to your moving date in this case.

We really encourage as much notice as possible as this enables us to better serve other clients who otherwise have to wait for their cleaning to be conducted.

18. Complaints

Whilst we endeavour to provide a service which adds value to each and every one of our clients, we appreciate that you may wish to raise a complaint or constructive criticism.

In the event you may wish to do so, please forward your complaints to info@OmegaWindowCleaning.org.uk and they will be handled by the business owner, Denis Otto, personally.

In the unlikely event we have made a mistake or error we will aim to put it right as soon as reasonably possible. We ask that you let us know within a reasonable time period (ideally within 48 hours) if you expect us to amend the situation. This is because dirt will build up on windows as days and weeks pass which degrade our ability to objectively assess the standard of cleaning.

Furthermore, your experience really is important and we work hard with our training systems and recruitment to deliver you a good service hopefully by a cleaner who cares, is polite and has some enthusiasm.

If something is not right with your cleaning, we really urge that you do let us know as this provides us the opportunity to course correct and set things right. It may not always be the fault of the cleaner as some issues can be down to communications or even our own systems and training processes. By letting us know of any constructive criticism, we can learn and develop to continually improve on how we work meaning more people can have a great cleaning experience.