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Increase the return on your Investment with Clean Solar Panels to boost your energy production and Lower Your Bills.

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Benefits of Your Solar Panel Cleaning

As a client of Omega Window Cleaning; there is some benefits that you may like:

Online Invoicing & Payments

Your window cleaning works seamlessly as payments are easily sorted with a computer or mobile.

Clean Vans
Smart Uniforms

Your home will be attended to in a professional manner. Clean and Smart with smile as well.

We Treat Your Home with Respect & Courtesy

We close gates, pick up litter and keep off the flower bed. We treat your home as you like.

Allocated Cleaner – DBS Clear

Your own assigned cleaner will learn your preferences and we are DBS cleared for your peace of mind.

Solar Panel Cleaning – Our Work

Just a few before and after examples of Solar Panel Cleaning we have completed throughout locations that we serve.

Solar Panel Cleaning Prices

Guideline Solar Panel Cleaning prices so you’ll have a good idea of approximate prices. Every home is different so we’ll always quote first for clarity.

Maintenance Program
Cleaning every 18 Weeks
£2 per panel

On Demand Cleaning
Light Soiling

£4 per panel

On Demand Cleaning
Heavy Soiling

£8 per panel

Other Considerations
Difficult Access
Mobile Tower Req’d

How Will my Solar Panel cleaning service work?

Your Solar Panel Cleaning Journey

Solar Panel Cleaning services can be arranged easily from your own home without the need for arranging visits. We always provide well organised and clear quotes which are provided via email which allows you to make a comfortable and informed choice with your cleaning.

1. Request your quote

Complete the Quote Request for below. It takes just 2 mins and follow this up by sending some simple photos of your house.


Your quote is sent clearly laid out so you can choose your cleaning without any pressure. Let us know what cleaning you require.


You will be assigned an estimated week for your cleaning and you will get an SMS Notification the day before we visit as confirmation.

4. your Solar Panels are cleaned

We’ll arrive on the day to clean your panels. We only need access around the outside of your home. We’ll ensure all is shiny & clean and your invoice will be emailed to you within a few days.

Solar Panel Cleaning Questions – FAQs

What difference does Solar Panel Cleaning actually make?

If you can see there is portions of your solar panel array which are blocking the sun such as moss and lichen then there is likely to be significant difference in energy output. Especially in the summer months here in the UK.

For light coating of dust and general dirt, this will usually mostly clean off with repeated rainfall which provides a baseline level of cleaning for panels.

This is improved with more steeper installation gradients whereas solar panels positioned in a flatter gradient will suffer more from dirt build up.

What is the best way to clean solar panels?

Pure water without chemicals is typically the best way to clean your solar panels. When done using high reach water-fed pole systems it is usually easier and more cost effective because your panels can be cleaned without specific access restraints much of the time.

The pure water is able to break down general dirt, moss and lichen which can normally be very difficult to shift. The pure water will also rinse your panels completely clean. Because we use zero chemicals for this, there is no residue left on your panels.

Many solar panel manufactures insist on cleaning without chemicals and we have know examples where they test your panels in response to warranty claims to determine if chemicals have been present on the panel array.

Do solar panels need to be cleaned?

Not always. The environment around the solar panels has a big influence on the need for cleaning.

Lots of trees nearby will often accelerate moss and lichen invasion of your solar panels. Meanwhile, solar panels installed on a home located within a new build development, where there is limited mature trees, will see only minimal dust build up.

It is best to visually check your panels every few months and make an assessment based on whether the panels appear to be obstructed at all on their surfaces and whether you would like to personally see a cosmetic improvement.

How often do my solar panels need to be cleaned?

Some newly installed solar panel suppliers have been advising homeowners that cleaning 3 times a year is required in order to maintain a valid warranty.

We feel that personal preference and assessment is most applicable.

Determine your need on the grounds of your assessment of energy production. A solar panel array which is clean will produce more energy and more income for you.

On the other hand, some solar panels are visible from the ground and you may simply want a visual improvement to keep your home looking well.

My solar panels are not visible from the ground. Can you still clean them?


We are able to either clean from certain roof areas where cable restraints are present or we can deploy a mobile tower (prefabricated scaffold tower) or powered access (cherry pickers).

We hold applicable licenses and have adequate training and experience to do so.

I have a lot of lichen build up on my panels. Can you remove and clean this?


Lichen is normally very difficult to remove and we carry a wide selection of different brush designs which are able to make light work of lichen build up.

The removal of lichen from panels requires much more time and patience but we can remove even the heaviest of build ups which severely restrict solar panel production.

Do I need to be home when you clean my solar panels?

No. As long as we can access your home’s exterior we can complete your solar panel cleaning regardless of whether anyone is home.

We carry all required equipment, water and power within our vans so we can effectively and efficiently complete your cleaning independently.

Do you use chemicals on my solar panels?

We only use pure water. Solar panel manufacturers normally advise against the use of any chemicals to clean your panels and they have been know to conduct chemicals swabs when processing claims as well.

We find that purified water in combination with the right brushes and techniques make for effective cleaning time and time again. All results shown in the images on this page have all been achieved using only purified water by us.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

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