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Solar panel cleaning in Wiltshire- before - Omega Window Cleaning


Solar panel cleaning in Wiltshire- before - Omega Window Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning in Warminster

You’ve made the investment of having Solar Panels installed on your home, business, land or property but are you getting the maximum energy efficiency from them?

Increase your return on your investment and improve the look of your panels by having them professionally cleaned. We operate clear pricing for your Solar Panel Cleaning.

Solar Panel Cleaning Prices

Recurring Cleaning* – Every 18 weeks – £2 per panel
On Request Cleaning – General Soiling* – £4 per panel
On Request Cleaning – Heavy Soiling* – £8 per panel

These prices are applied to most solar panel cleaning we conduct and allow for you to clearly make an assessment of your preferred route to having your panels cleaned.

In cases where you wish to have Recurring Cleaning of your panels, your First Clean may be subject to a £4 or £7 per panel charge depending on the level of soiling that is present on the Initial Clean of your solar panels. Newly installed solar panels will be priced at £2 from the start.

Factors that may cause for a bespoke quote may include but are not limited to; difficult access where panels can not be easily cleaned from the ground using high reach equipment or special roof and/or harness and rope equipment being required.

*Any visible signs of lichen and other staining present on any of the solar array.
Solar panel cleaning is subject to a £24 minimum charge.

All of Warminster and BA12

What Difference Does Solar Panel Cleaning Actually Make?

The true answer is that the effect will vary based on the positioning of your home, the type and size of the panels and location of your home and local weather. As a result, many studies vary in terms of their results, however, there is a resounding agreement that PV productivity is improved following cleaning.

With time effective cleaning methods now available, solar panel cleaning is relatively cheap and straight forward when conducted using our water fed pole equipment.

As a rule we say that you should clean your solar panels when they are visibly dirty. Lichen should be cleaned as soon as possible as it covers the panels and severely restricts your energy production.

For many new homes, the solar panel installers recommend you have your panels cleaned 3 times per year which can sometimes impact on warranty.

Our clear pricing allows you to choose a cleaning regime that suits your preferences.

A study by the, “World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology” quoted the following in a paper conducted on the subject.

“the accumulated dust on the surface of photovoltaic solar panel can reduce the system’s efficiency by up to 50%”

How we Clean Your Solar Panels

We use specially flocked soft brushes attached to carbon fibre poles which can extend up to 60 feet.

These brushes and pole systems are connected to a water feed which cleans and then rinses the panels using 100% purified water.

It contains No Chemicals and is extremely effective at deep cleaning your solar panels.

Using this pole system for Solar Panel Cleaning we can safely do this from the ground in most cases which is fast, cheap and safe. There is virtually no risk to your property or your solar panels.

Solar PV covered in severe Lichen build up causing restricted energy production.
Solar PV cleaned safely from the ground and all Lichen removed.

The Result of Neglect

A significant build up of Lichen and general Dirt on these Solar Panels.
This build up limits the useable surface are of the panels which are able to absorb sunlight severely reducing their effectiveness.
It also dosn’t look very nice either.

How Often Do You Clean Solar Panels?

We recommend having your Solar Panel Cleaning conducted 3 times per year in most cases. You may wish to consider more regular visits if you live in a location subject to high levels of dust, traffic or localised building works.

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Approved Contractors

We already have contractor approval for some very high risk sites and companies with much of the paperwork in place and easily transferable for your company. This eases the work involved with on-boarding and approving us for working on your site.

Appropriate Insurances

We are clearly covered for Liability and for property we work upon for up to £5 Million via Hiscox. Our policy also clearly defines our coverage to work at height and for the use of fall arrest equipment.

Experience & Re-assurance

When finding someone to complete your contract for cleaning, it can be a stressful task. Finding someone with both the willingness and capability to complete the task is difficult enough in most cases.

Beyond this point you want to be sure the task will be completed with a good approach to safety and site consideration as well as technical competence.

When selecting us, you can be sure you are dealing with a company that take their work seriously. Our clients have posted over 100 fully positive reviews on our services across platforms such as Facebook, Yell and Google which provides you the reassurance that we have operated with a consistently great service over the course of numerous years.

What your neighbours say about us…

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“I would highly recommend Omega Window Cleaning. They were quick to send a quotation and the windows looked amazing after being cleaned. A very professional company.”

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“Excellent, courteous service. Text beforehand so you know when to expect them. Easy online payment. Highly recommended”

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