Are your exterior walls showing unsightly green, red and black marks which are bringing down the outward appearance of your home?

It’s a very common issue and looks especially bad on rendered walls of your home.
You will often notice the discolouration is worse on the north and east sides of your home as these typically see the least sunlight.

Thankfully, we have a deep understanding of this issue and we are certified to correctly clean your exterior walls using methods which are safe for your home and the environment. We can have your home looking like new again so you can feel that sense of pride when you arrive home and see your house.

We use a very low pressure system of cleaning which can be operated from ground level and is fully compliant with Heath and Safety Executive guidance.

Your Render Given New Life

Keep Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

You like to feel a sense of pride in your home. You certainly don’t want to be the owner of ‘that house’ which is bringing down the street’s image.

Modern render coverings are very common now on new build houses since the early 2000s. When new or cleaned; they look just great.

Unfortunately, due to our mixed British climate, your rendered walls will usually show discolouration within just 3-10 years.

As this happens slowly over time it is easy to not notice how much your home’s outward appearance is changing.

Your home slowly goes from a glowing, clean and fresh exterior to a glum, dirty and neglected appearance. It’s then easy to not realise how bad it has become.

Why Causes the Green, Red and Black Staining on my Walls?

The green, red and black discolouration is actually caused by algae which comes to live in the walls surface and multiply.

Once noticed this should be cleaned by a trained professional quickly to avoid ongoing damage.

The black algae in particular is very bio-corrosive and if left for extended periods of time will always leave subtle ghosting marks where it was present even after cleaning.

Because the issue is caused by algae which a biological growth, a specific solution is required as opposed to surface cleaning alone. The exterior surface of your home’s render covering is actually porous; similar to a sponge it were hard instead of soft. The algae lives on the surface and within the pores as well so it is deep embedded into the walls requiring an intelligent approach to cleaning which addresses this specifically in order to get long lasting cleaning results.

Does Pressure Washing Work?

Pressure washing is an effective method of cleaning but we do not recommend this for cleaning the render on your exterior walls. This is for 3 reasons.

1. The high pressures that are used with pressure washing, especially with some of the ‘turbo’ nozzles available, can actually damage the outermost layers of your render. This will actually make the issue worse in the future.

2. Pressure washing usually cleans in a patchy manner which is highly noticeable on a surfaces such as render because it’s colour is so consistent as opposed to a driveway where there is natural variations of colour across a given surface area.

3. Pressure washing is unable to clean deep into the renders porous surface and kill/remove all biological growths of algae that exist. This means that you could see the algae and discolouration returning very quickly after surface cleaning because only the visible outermost surface has been cleaned.

How Do We Clean Your Render Walls

We always start with a Site Survey to make an assessment of your home’s specific condition. We can then determine a biological based cleaning approach which will gently clean your rendered exterior walls and address the root cause of the issue.

Our cleaning is usually conducted over two visits where a follow up visit is made to assess the cleaning and address any specific or stubborn marks that may still exist on your walls after the initial cleaning treatment.

We will talk you through the process and the expectations of cleaning as well. We fully adhere to Health and Safety Guidance and strictly only use cleaning products which are licensed for exterior cleaning uses.

City and Guilds Assured Competence – Professional Softwash Technician

As the business owner, I have completed formal training and certification within the area of ‘Professional Softwashing’. This is the term used for the overall competency used to describe exterior cleaning of hard surfaces using chemicals cleaners without high pressure and abrasive methods.

This training has also supplemented my existing experience of operating a well established and highly regarded window cleaning business which serves over 600 clients on a rolling basis every 6 or 9 weeks. You can openly read over 100 very positive reviews from our services which have posted over a period spanning approximately 5 years.

This shows just how competent our service delivery has been. While these reviews do indeed relate to window cleaning instead of Softwashing related cleaning; it does show a valid evaluation of our service mentality which is equally important. With a good mentality in your approach to business the result will overwhelmingly be a good one.

Clear Pricing Structure – Fairness and Consistency

If there is one thing I dislike about hiring services, it’s the seemingly open ended pricing quotes you get. You have no idea if you have been quoted a really high price simply because you were too friendly and perhaps being taken for a ride. Or if your home is very nice and a newish car leads the person to assess you must have money to spare.

We work from a set pricing system which is as fair and consistent as we can get with our current level of knowledge and understanding. Whilst all houses are indeed different; at least you have a guide to judge from and give you a ballpark figure.

How we actually formulate your quote is to measure the surface area of you home which is combined with an allowance to factor in administration and overhead costs proportionate to your cleaning. Some variation may be made where accessibility is difficult and/or where there is excessive discolouration but this will all be discussed openly and honestly from the outset.

We are never pushy with our quotes and will always provide you a formal digital quote for your consideration. We encourage you to get additional quotes and to also consider whether we are a good fit in respect to the way we conduct business. We believe the actual service or product is only so much of the experience. We believe in working with like minded people so the experience is one of mutual appreciation and respect.

The way I would summarise how a business transaction should be is:

‘An equal exchange between two parties to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.’ No one person is doing the other a favour and both parties should feel good about their partnership in the business transaction.

Render Cleaning Prices

Guideline Pricing Table as at Dec 2021

Price GuideSmallMediumLarge
Complex/Bespoke Design£600£730£870

Pricing Options

There are some other considerations that we factor in with our pricing. Some are optional and some may relate to the situation with your specific cleaning.

Fully Organic Treatment – We are able to use an alternative and fully organic cleaning substance option.

Heavy Soiling – If your property is subject to heavier build ups of algae and discolouration.

Minimum Charge £299 – This is our absolute minimum charge. Even for some seemingly small tasks, the associated administration, planning and compliance amounts to quite a few combined hours or work before we even begin with the physical task of cleaning.

Health & Safety Executive – Compliance & Knowledge

We work to high standards of health and safety which is paramount when using chemicals which are potentially dangerous to health and the environment. Also, given the strength of some of the chemicals, severe and expensive damage can be caused to your property if application is not planned and properly completed.

Legal Product Compliance – Unfortunately, cleaning render involves methods of moderate risk in either process or substance used. We ensure that we only use products which are fully compliance with the GB CLP (Classification, Labelling, Packaging) Regulation. In summary this ensures that products are correctly labelled, packaged and classified for their intended use.

It is not uncommon for example, for exterior cleaners to use industrialised bleach intended for swimming pool or dairy farming use to clean a home’s exterior simply because it is a cheaper alternative to specially formulated and approved products.

As a result, labels and usage directions are not supplied for this misuse which puts your home at risk and even void insurance cover related to this. Also, without proper training severe damage to the environment and the health of those within proximity of the chemical usage can be at risk. This can be as simple as breathing in vapour from a spray application that may spread hundreds of metres subject to wind conditions and height of application.

We will happily discuss and verify any relevant Risk Assessment, Label Compliance, Training and Insurance Coverage with you where requested so you can have peace of mind.

Conducting Your Site Survey

Prior to confirming your quotation or carrying out any exterior cleaning we will always conduct a site survey where we assess the following:

Your Property – We make an assessment of the cleaning that your specific property requires and what processes and products will work to achieve the best results for your specific property.

The Environment – We will also assess the environment around your property to ensure safe and courteous working. For example, if your home is located along a popular school route this may inform suitable timings for the task.

Answer Your Queries – Any questions that you may have can be explained and discussed at this time. We are happy to explain any concepts and we also encourage you to ask as many questions as possible to enable you to understand the service and expected results.

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