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Solar Panel Cleaning – Overview

A brief overview of why it’s worth having Solar Panel Cleaning conducted in the first place. You made the investment of having Solar Panels installed on your home, place of business, land or property. To get the maximum efficiency and return on your investment, they need to be kept clean on a regular basis.

We provide Solar Panel Cleaning in the following areas:

Andover | Amesbury | Bath | Frome |Melksham | Trowbridge | Warminster | Westbury

Solar Panel Cleaning in Andover and Westbury
Increase the efficiency of your solar panels by keeping them professionally cleaned.

How we Clean Solar Panels

We use specially flocked soft brushes attached to carbon fibre poles which can extend up to 60 feet. These brushes and pole systems are connected to a water feed which cleans and then rinses the panels using 100% purified water. It contains No Chemicals and is extremely effective at deep cleaning your solar panels.

Using this pole system for Solar Panel Cleaning we can safely do this from the ground in most cases which is fast, cheap and safe. There is virtually no risk to your property or your solar panels.

How Often Do You Clean Solar Panels?

We recommend having your Solar Panel Cleaning conducted 3 times per year in most cases. You may wish to consider more regular visits if you live in a location subject to high levels of dust, traffic or localised building works.

How Much Does Solar Panel Cleaning Cost?

Whilst the cost will vary based height, position and size of the panels we typically work of a guide price of £2.00-£3.00 per solar panel.

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