Who Are We?

My name is Denis Otto and I started this business back in 2016. I used to manage optical retail stores for Specsavers and then Vision Express since I was 19 years old before working for some years as an Intelligence Analyst.

Both my brothers were window cleaners back in London since the early 2000s and I decided to follow in what inadvertently has become the family business.

My wife Jessica does the majority of the administration and providing your quotes and correspondence whilst myself and some of our team complete your cleaning.

Denis – Enjoying cars and Lego with his son Isaac, a future team member.
commercial window cleaning operator - Adam - Omega Window Cleaning
Professional Team Members

Our Why

Our aim is to provide the best service we are capable of. We continually review what we do in order to always keep on improving and adjusting to match the changing times and also develop our skills and improve. Whilst this is never ending, we will NEVER be complacent.

We operate on the phrase, “Punctual, Passionate & Polite. We also Clean Windows.” Perhaps this does not fully encapsulate all of what we stand for but I felt this was a clear way to express meaning behind what we do. We are not your typical window cleaners.

On paper I would be more suited to working within a Risk Analysis role for one of the major banks as opposed to being a window cleaner.

I wanted to turn on it’s head, the preconception of window cleaners. So many have low expectations from what they feel is an un-skilled trade where you just accept what you get because after all; they are just window cleaners.

At Omega Window Cleaning we work backwards putting our approach first and allowing the trade to follow on as a part of the ethos. We are not simply a window cleaning company.

We are an extremely well organised company that utilises a data driven operational approach paired with exceedingly good customer service skills and processes that create the foundation for slick and easy service. We just happen to offer our service within the Window Cleaning trade.

The Company Vision

We are currently growing to provide a nationwide coverage by the year 2030. We are working so that everyone in the country can be free of saying that they have been looking for a reliable window cleaner.

Our consistent service will cover all of England meaning that regardless of your location you can know to seek services from Omega Window Cleaning and you will know exactly what you’re going to receive and for a reasonable price too. If you move from Westbury to Whitney then the service can continue on seamlessly in exactly the same manner.

What Do We Do?

At Omega Window Cleaning we mainly provide a regular window cleaning service to both homes, businesses and other organisations such as schools. Our residential window cleaning service is offered at your choice of every 6 or 9 weeks and for commercial clients you may opt to have cleaning conducted at your preference.

In addition to window cleaning we also offer additional and related services such as Gutter Cleaning, Conservatory Cleaning and Solar Panel Cleaning. This means you may all you exterior cleaning conducted under a single supplier taking the stress away from finding another company for these additional tasks.

How Are We Different?

Let’s start by being honest in clarifying that there is not much outward way of differentiating a window cleaning service. The service itself is fairly straight forward for the most part.

What makes us different is that we operate in a very professional and structured manner which provides you with a Clear and Consistent High Quality Service visit after visit. We operate in an extremely organised fashion meaning that our visits are always reliable and we take some small measures to ensure that the service is convenient and hassle free for you.

You always receive an SMS the day before we visit, we will not call back at your home for payment and we can operate in a way which requires no real effort from you. In other words, you can assign us the task of keeping your windows clean and we will do so in a way which feels completely automated from your point of view.

This consistency is something that so many of our clients say have lacked from previous service providers.