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Considering to join our small team? Here we outline the key facts and details of what it is like to work with us as a Window Cleaner and answer common questions.

Window Cleaning Operative – Key Facts

Overview – The role involves travelling to clients homes in a work van to conduct the key types of cleaning we offer which are:
Exterior Window Cleaning
Gutter & Fascia Washing
Gutter Clearance
Conservatory Cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning

Timings – A typical day consists of the following:
0800 – 0820hrs – Morning Brief & Inspection.
0820hrs – Depart for working day conducting your allocated cleaning.
Finish timings are typically around 1630hrs but will vary naturally due to the nature of the role.
Your day includes 30mins allowance for a lunch break which are free to take when it is suitable for you.

Training – You will work under training for your first 3 months with Denis who is the business founder. You will be taught all aspects of cleaning to prepare you to conduct the core services.

We use and constantly build upon a comprehensive training manual which you will be provided with prior to starting. It outlines many details about your new role, how tasks should be performed and sets most direction for tasks and decisions within your role.

In addition to this you will complete an initial induction and formal training which combines mixture of formal briefing and hands on demonstration.

Recruitment & Selection – Following your application and completion of the the questionnaire below; we will review your application.

You may be invited for an interview and if successful we will invite you to work 1-2 trial days with us.

This gives you the opportunity to see firsthand what the role involves and what it is like. Following your trial we will inform you of your position within 7 days.

WIndow cleaning in Bath, Lansdown crescent using water fed pole system

Culture and Working Atmosphere

“I firmly believe we owe it to ourselves to be the best we can be.”

“You hear and read phrases like this all the time and quite often in workplaces, it’s something that is said but not usually practiced by those in charge. Within our small team I see the potential in each of you and do all I can to encourage you to develop to the level you want to achieve. As we move towards nationwide coverage; there is room for everyone to grow and hopefully develop others in the future as we live out a culture of continual development.” Denis Otto

Small Team Benefits – As a small team, you will be valued at a personal level and we understand your personal attributes very well. There is no being made to feel like a number within our team. Each member of the team is fully included and we do what is best for the team and not just ourselves. This also means that we can be flexible and understanding when you need us to and we are also here to support you both personally and professionally whenever you need it.

A Progressive Culture – Your new role is like a ladder. No pun intended. You start at the bottom because you need to learn the skill but from there the way is upwards and onwards. Your pay is based on the value you add to the company and not predicated on workplace politics or other factors such as age. You are objectively paid based on your value which is the fairest way to do it. Furthermore, our pay is published and clear so you know what needs to be done to make it to the next pay level meaning you have clear and defined objectives you can meet to be more in control of your pay and progression.

Leadership Progression – The pinnacle of this role is progression to earn your own Joint Venture business which means you will become a business owner in your own right operating under the Omega Window Cleaning brand. With your own staff and exclusive territory you can earn impressive amounts by providing value to hundreds of your own clients whilst being your own boss.

Pay Structure

We demand that our cleaners operate at a standard that exceeds all others in respect to your dedication, attitude and persistence to get the job done regardless of external factors. As a result we pay what we believe is an industry leading salary and bonus package with the added benefit of working with a highly valued growth culture.

Starting Salary – £20,800
At this point you are simply training only. We take you out daily, teach and supervise you how to conduct your new role. This period is 3 months.

Supervised – £22,880 – From 3 months service
You are now able to clean windows and add some productivity to the day but you still require distance supervision and coaching. You will conduct a mixture of days working supervised and others where you work alone on your own with distance support readily available.

Sole Operator – Beginner – £24,960 – From 6 months service
You are now working alone and settling into the next phase of your career. As you work at this level you will develop and progress into the more developed stages. You will usually work with Denis for 1 day every 1-2 weeks to continue your develop and coaching.

Sole Operator – Experienced – £27,040 – From 12 month service
As an experienced operator being able to conduct all services with consistent high standards and speed, you will be paid at the higher salary to reflect the experience and value you are adding to the business and for our clients. At this stage you are mostly left to get on with your work making your working life quite free and relaxed relative to most other jobs.


Bonus System
We operate a generous bonus system which aims to incentivise 4 key areas of our service. These four areas are very achievable each month and if met, you will receive a generous bonus. Our four areas are as follows:

Attendance – 100% attendance within a month

Driving Standards – Our vans are fitted with telemetries and GPS and you are required to drive with care for the vehicle, with safety in mind and with courtesy to other other road users. You are required to keep within limits for harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and speed.

5 Star Google Reviews – Being polite and making a lasting positive impression is a requirement of our role. You will be able to submit/request reviews from our clients following their cleaning. We expect 2 reviews per month for each cleaner which keeps that service element fresh in our minds.

No Complaints – Receive zero complaints for the month. Any complaint received will be reviewed and the validity and fairness will be assessed.

For each of the four areas above that you achieve will reward a £50 monthly bonus. If all four areas are met then an addition Full House bonus of £150 will be paid in addition making a total bonus of £350 per month.

Your Required Attributes

Flexibility – Working times and days will vary. Some days you will finish an hour later and others you will finish much earlier than expected.

Our work can be subject to many external factors which affect our timings so this is not a job for someone who cannot be flexible with timings.

Good Customer Service & Confidence – With our role, you will be providing a service to clients at their home. You must be confident with speaking with our clients and answering their queries. This may also require an assertive response to queries too.

After a few months you will be working alone and so you must be confident to work unsupervised and also have an inner confidence to deal with an almost limitless amount of possible scenarios that could occur.

Attention to Detail – Our clients expect a consistently good standard of cleaning. You must be able to view dirt, spiders webs and the like on windows that may be on the second floor or above. It is not hard but you must be able to maintain a focus to the role throughout the day. This is not a job you do just to pass the time.

Physically Fitness – Our role looks easy but is in reality, extremely physical. You must be in good health and able to conduct a physical role full time. You do not have to be gym addict but a good baseline level of general fitness is necessary.

We understand you will need to adapt to the role so you are eased into it and we increase the workload with time.

Good with Your Hands – Our role requires working with equipment and so you will need to use, maintain and sometimes repair the equipment we are using. Some aptitude using your hands is preferable. All elements are taught although if you have some experience of a hands on role, diy, or some kind of mechanical role may be beneficial to learning the role.

Stage 2 Questionnaire

You should now be happy with the outlined scope of the role which we have detailed above.

To proceed with an application, please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire below.

Your Application to this Role

Your Personality

Aspirations & Goals

Your Values

Final Statement