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Become an Omega Partner

Join Business at the ‘Upper Level’

For many years we have served thousands of clients. We have experienced the mistakes and even wasted money at times learning what works and what doesn’t. We have also learned what makes for a well oiled and effective window cleaning business by going through this process.

It’s not what you do but how you do it. We understand that the key to business is earning in the highly effective way. That means great clients that fit your business. A high return of money for your time and a good combination of challenge and satisfaction.

Skip the learning curve that is normal to starting a business and hop onboard the fast lane.

Earn up to £7,000 per month

Reach this point within 3 years.

Be your own boss

Structure your business around your lifestyle.

own the value you create

You will own the business you create and value it is worth.

develop your skills

Learn about the game of business. A skill that no one can take from you and which will benefit you forever.

How Does It Work

Your new business venture works very simply. You become a partner and we build you a business within your local area. We manage all new clients enquiries and quotes. We arrange all strategic admin and provide you with marketing materials, uniform and all relevant manuals and training.

You are free to build a relationship with your clients and grow the value of your business while earning a high income with more free time to enjoy the things you value.

Low Monthly Fee and Performance Based Costs

2 part cost system. A low monthly fixed fee covers uniform, marketing and your personal assistant service. While there is a performance only based fee applied to each new client we sign up for you. You only pay this when we increase your business value.

Your Own Territory

Build your own territory and unlike other franchises, you actually own your business and your clients. There is flexibility with how large or small an area you wish to cover to suit your ambition.

We Provide Customer Service & Admin Support

All new client and general enquires are handled by us. Unlike other business owners, this means your time is truly ‘Your Time’.

We only connect you with clients who are confirmed sign ups for your local area and we onboard these clients so they know what to expect. All other admin tasks such as Health & Safety, marketing and branding is prepared by us saving you much time.

Our Tried & Tested Processes Earn you More per hour

Many years and a few thousand clients later and we know what works and what doesn’t. We understand in great detail how to quickly grow a business which is not only profitable but one that is easy to run without excessive stress.

How much you earn is only one factor. Stress has a cost and our systems reduce stress and increase freedom and money.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are Now

Regardless of where you are right now.
You’re able to easily slot in and start benefiting as an Omega partner as soon as you are ready.

Already a Window Cleaner?

The hardest part of starting a window cleaning business is getting new clients when there is so much competition.
Not to mention learning how to avoid the constant mess around with those who insist on wasting your time.
With our established branding we attract the right type of clients who want what we are offering. Premium service. Premium price.

Looking for a New Role

Are you a bit tired with your current job. perhaps it doesn’t offer any challenge anymore and you are just rolling through the days working towards Friday each week.

Make a change and make it now. Worst case scenario is you can just get another average job!

Want to Do Something for Yourself

Are you a high performer in a job where you offer more value to your employer than the salary they pay you. Perhaps you know this in your heart.

Don’t waste your time making someone else rich. Usually owners and shareholders who have never took the time to be grateful to their workers.

Build your own business and unlock the value in high earnings and an unmatched freedom of time that your friends will envy.

A Super Stable Income with Huge Benefits

Window Cleaning has proved itself to be an extremely stable form of income for high quality service providers time and time again. There is always a need for window cleaners because so many do not make it alone.

Highly Dependable

You earn a stable income from many clients.
Each client is creates £13-£14 per month on average meaning you have minimal risk based on numbers.
For each client the amount is very small and so we are usually the last service they cancel when times are hard too.

Low Maintenance

Most clients require very minimal maintenance. There is minimal ongoing customer relationship management.
Our clients are normally too busy to worry about the trivial things and just need you to keep their windows clean.

Inflation Proof

We have seen inflation erode away the salaries of our friends recently.
They rely on convincing their boss for a pay rise!
Own your business and structure annual adjustments to your pricing to suit the economic times.

Easy to Scale

You will earn a base monthly amount with window cleaning.
It is very easy to turn up your monthly earnings when you need to.
Want to buy a house and save more for the next year?
Easy. We can adjust certain systems to advertise Add On Services to clients and almost instantly increase your earnings.

Bring some excitement to the way you make money

Do You Want an Exit from Your Current Job? The Perfect Escape

Feeling trapped because you’re earning good money in your current job and to change will result in a loss of monthly income that will negatively impact your lifestyle?
I’ve have been there myself waking up each day dreading your next 10 hours.

Our opportunity is unique in that we can assist you to start and build this business around your existing employment until you reach a point to safely make the transition.

This is what I did working in Optical Retail Management

You can build this on the side

Omega started this way. We can tailor a plan to work around your current work to set up your new business so you can make a change without any disruption and more importantly, no risk.

Low start up costs

An Omega partnership can be started with a very low start up cost. We can put you in touch with start up funding as well which can be paid from the extra income you will earn getting your partnership growing.

Flexible role you can control

With the nature of window cleaning you are able to plan and flex the business to suit you. Your clients require cleaning every 6 or 9 weeks but not exact to the day so you are able to flex your working to suit you and no one is the wiser.

Recurring income model brings financial security

The income with a window cleaning business is perhaps one of the most dependable in existence. Your earnings are based on weekly cycles and the money you earn is as consistent as a salary from a job except you have many employers so its even safer.

Your Alternative Options

Buy an Existing Round

The quickest way to have a window cleaning business. But with the speed you have to accept the way the business currently runs which may not suit you.

You will normally pay between 3 to 6 times the clean price for a window cleaning business making it more expensive as an upfront cost without much guarantee.

It is common for some clients to not stay on with the business as many buy into the previous owner personally.

Pay for Canvassed Business

This is the most common way that many are exploring but often the most risky.
Canvassing companies will knock doors and follow up online leads to get you clients.
They normally charge 3 x the clean price but their incentive is not aligned directly with yours.

Common issues with this way of acquiring business is underpriced jobs, poorly matched clients and even clients who are not looking for an ongoing service.

Build It Yourself

Building yourself is good because you can quality control and it is the most cost effective.
However, there is a learning curve which is paid for naturally through learning by trial and error/experience and also a delay in growth.

When you consider the core nature of marketing which is the discipline of how all businesses get their clients. It is inherently a process of trying something, testing the results and then adjusting to try again and improve.

We have already done this hard work and as you will see below we can make you more money even after our costs are covered.

More earnings. Less work. Everyone wins.

Buying an Existing Window Cleaning Round 

Nick is selling his round. 300 clients at £20 per clean every 6 weeks. This is roughly £4,000 per month. He price is £24,000 which is 4 x the total clean price. (300 x £20 = £6,000 multiplied by 4.)

First things first. You need to pay Nick £24k for a business which is based on a man’s word. For many this is an obstacle that most will not stomach.
But you know of Nick and he’s a trustworthy bloke.
Now you buy the business and you need to recoup £24,000 before you can start making profit. Of the 300 clients you find that 100 are severely underpriced as regular price increases have not happened. If you increase now, the clients get a bad flavour and think you’re all about money while Nick was a nice guy. 30 of them just don’t gel with you and liked ‘how Nick did it’.
This is the core issue with many businesses that people run them with a big personal edge and so transferring does not always play out well.

Pay for Canvasses Business

You want  £6,000 worth of cleaning at 6 weekly durations so you can earn £4,000 per month. You will pay on average £18,000 for this.

Great. Someone else is going to do all the hard work so you don’t have to. After this month you’ll have your target income and things will be set and ready to roll.

But wait. They get you £6k worth of cleaning but £1k never wanted a recurring service. They thought they were getting a One Off service. £1k is severely underpriced and it’s not worth you working for £15 per hour which is less than minimum wage by the time you factor in for business costs. £1k turns out to have houses that cannot be properly cleaned due to access issues or they are bad payers which is the reason they didn’t have window cleaners at the time the canvassing company found them.

Before you know it the deal no longer seems very good and you find that many reviews of canvassing companies are not as good as they shout about.

In reality, they want to give you as much business as possible but because they don’t have to clean it the quality is usually questionable. Just check online reviews on forums for this.

In any given area the demand for window cleaning is steady. You cannot usually just get all the client at once. They need to be earned bit by bit as and when they are ready. You need to be there when they need the service not the other way around. That is how the highest quality business is earned. That is how an Omega Partnership grows.

Build Your Own Business without Support

You decide to do it yourself. You build a website.
Design some leaflets.

Designing a website is harder than it looks and you realise it takes you many days to design a website to find that after 3 weeks no one has requested a quote through it.
The someone tells you about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). “Oh. I didn’t know about that. back tot he drawing board”
The leaflets will work. But wait. I’ve spent all day Tuesday delivering 750 leaflets and now it’s Thursday and no one has signed up to use our services.

I know because I’ve been there and done it. In theory it’s simple but there is so much to know and learn. Is it really worth the time it takes is a real question worth considering.

Because I have been there and done it I know what works and what doesn’t. How to attract the best clients and how to politely say no to those who are not best fitted to our business.

See below for “The Compound Effect” chart which shows how just a little extra growth as an Omega Partner will massively boost your earnings even after our costs. More money in your pocket and what’s better is that you can leave all the marketing to us. We know what we’re doing. You just focus on delivering the service and building client relationships.

The Compound Effect

The orange shows typical growth of 2 new clients per month you may expect as an independent business on average. The blue shows a marginal increase of just one extra job per month totalling 3 per month.
That said; small increases amount to big gains after 1, 2 and 3 years. You will be surprised.

Year 1 – Independent = £19,056 | Omega Partner = £26,208 minus £4,200 in costs. That’s an extra £2,952 for the first year equal to an extra £246 per month after fees.

Year 2 – Independent = £69,216 | Omega Partner = £93,888 minus £8,400 in costs. That’s an extra £16,272 for the first 2 year equal to an extra £678 per month after fees.

Year 3 – Independent = £150,480 | Omega Partner = £203,040 minus £12,600 in costs. That’s an extra £39,960 for the first 3 years equal to an extra £1,110 per month after fees.

The point is that, with our support you will grow stronger faster. That difference seems like a little at first. But over time, the growth added to previous growth amounts to a very big difference to your pocket.

Not only will you see more money in your pocket as shown above. But you will have more time as we will be managing your initial customer enquiries saving you lot’s of time and avoiding may learning curve mistakes that all new businesses make as a part of learning.

Strength of Our Team

We have spent years developing the behind the scenes structure of the optimum window cleaning business. In any 3 month period our business has evolved taking improving actions each time we discover a better way of doing something. You get these years of constant striving for improvement from your day 1.

Highly Advanced Quote System

Having previously worked an a military intelligence analyst, I have inspected our data. Data from serving over 3000 clients. GPS timings and over 32 data points relating to their cleaning.
This has led us to the development of a highly advanced quoting system which is able to accurately quote each house remotely within a 9.7% variance.
No more underquoting and the clients get a fair accurate quote for them. Because it is fast we will return over 80% of requested quotes within the same day and 100% within 24 hours.

Low Admin Structure

I quickly realised that becoming your own boss can fast turn into a nightmare if you do not get a handle on how you work.
I come across so many business owners who feel committed to answering their phones 6 or 7 days a week meaning they never really get a true break from work. Out with your kids and the phone rings. Guilty to answer. Guilty to leave it. How do you let down? Your kids or the client?
Don’t choose.
We manage all enquiries centrally. You only get connected with a client once they agree to use your service and accept their quote.
We advise email only contact so you can have freedom.

Premium Pricing & High Quality Clients

Figthing for prices is a race to the bottom. And what makes this worse? From experience, I and many others have found that with lower price points the clients are harder to please.
How does that work?!

We subtly speak to the clients that are a good fit and ensure that the clients we provide you are looking for the service that we can deliver and feel good about.

It’s no good earning lots of money if it makes you unhappy. It’s about serving a specific selection of people who really appreciate what you do.

We like to think we are like the Apple Computers of window cleaning.

Systems and Process built from real data

Everything we do and the way it is done is for a reason. That reason is founded based on data and experience.
We have tried many processes and techniques and have worked out what works well and what does’t.

So many times we change something to work around an issue and in the process a new issue comes about. We then have to test and adjust again and again working the process each time until the downsides are engineered out.

From the outside you could try to copy what we do. Many currently do. But we have the knowledge and the specific understanding that gives us the edge.

It is the reward we have earned after 5 years on constant back breaking development, change and the continual questioning of how we can make this better.

Our Guarantee

You Only Pay when we provide you business growth.

No catch. It’s that simple.

We only benefit when you do.

There is a small monthly charge to cover staple products such as your annual uniform issue, customer support and branding. There is also a performance only based cost which is a charge for each customer we sign you up with.
This means you only pay us when you make money from our support.
What’s even better is the performance based cost is charged 2 months after each client sign-up meaning you can earn the money from your client before you pay us for it.
This way you are always earning more that the costs. This cost is also capped at a low monthly amount to ensure you always have good cashflow.

If there is a calendar month where no client sign-ups are added we’ll cancel ALL charges to that month.

Either way you win. That’s our guarantee.

The Costs & Start Up


  • Complete the interest form below and we’ll be in touch to arrange a time to speak over the phone.
  • We want to understand your current position and also where you want to be in the future. This way we can provide a tailored option that works for you.
  • We will provide you opportunity to work with us on ‘tester days’ so you can get a flavour of the job before having to commit
  • We’ll help with sourcing a van and the right equipment to suit your budget and timescale.
  • If you are seeking to change career we can provide an option to transition you at a pace that suits you meaning you can ‘grow into’ this new venture.
  • Our upfront charges are designed to cover the cost of the initial set-up only. This is typically not more than £1,000.
  • Experience not necessary. Anyone can learn to be an excellent window cleaning business owner. A keen approach to learning, a positive attitude to serving others and the ability to work hard are all that is required.
  • This role is great for both men and women and all ages as long as you have a driving license and are physically fit and mobile.

What You Will Get

  • Annual uniform issue consisting, trousers, shorts, belt, polo tops, fleece and soft shell body warmer.
  • Full one to one training program
  • Health & Safety documents, risk assessments and operations manual outlining step by step processes for the entire business running.
  • Personal location specific web pages and quote pages created for you.
  • Personalised print marketing materials such as leaflets and business cards.
  • Omega branding for your van
  • One to One consulation and support on sourcing and buying the right set up equipment and van to suit your specific situation and budget.
  • Your own assigned territory with exclusive rights to all business within your given area.
  • Regular one to one meetings to discuss challenges and plan your development towards your earnings targets.
  • DBS Clearance checked and certificate provided.

Your Exit Strategy Options

The downside of many Window Cleaning Franchises is a lack of win-win exit. Growing a window cleaning business takes work but keeping one going is less difficult. Why opt for a normal window cleaning franchise that takes roughly 10% of your earnings every month until the end of time while they insist that they still own your clients?!

Our costs are based on value added only. When you reach the point where you are happy to sustain your business you have the choice to leave or stay as you wish.

Our goal is that you are happy and you’re clients keep a good window cleaner.

Sell Your Business

Unlike a normal job where you work hard every day and own none of the value you create. With this business the standard sale price is 3x the price we charge you for building it along the way meaning you make profit from the agreement.
If you really wish to leave we will assist in finding a buyer to take over your business and help structure a deal for you.

Window cleaning in Andover, Augusta Park

Re-Brand & Go Independent

It is important to us to ensure everyone wins. You, the customers and us. If you reach a point where you are happy to go independent than we will assist you to rebrand and you will take all clients with you.
What is most important to us is that you are happy and the clients maintain their service.
There is no exit penalty just a reasonable notice period.

Cruise to Suit Your Lifestyle

Making lots of money and chasing ambition is not for everyone. If you wish to earn a desired amount only to support your passions and lifestyle; you can stay on at a reduced rate and we’ll maintain your business size whilst providing you admin support.

It is the best of both worlds.
Have your cake and eat it!

Current Opportunities

We currently have availability within the following areas where we already have a brand presence.

If required, there is also the opportunity to start with clients already in place with monthly earnings varying across areas.

Start a change today. Whether you want a faster way to grow your current window cleaning business, start something new altogether or find a way to get out of the current job you dread going to.

We have the solution for you.

  • Frome
  • Warminster
  • Bradford on Avon
  • Corsham
  • Melksham
  • Devizes
  • Amesbury
  • Andover

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Start your new journey to financial security and that feeling of freedom and satisfaction you’ve been missing.

Work with a company like ours where we really understand the details and will develop your business to be the success you know you are capable and deserving of.

We are able to tailor your partnership to suit your specific situation as we are all in different stages.

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