Window Cleaning Contractors – Commercial Window Cleaning Wiltshire, Hampshire & Somerset

Window Cleaning Services provided to commercial organisations and business throughout Wiltshire, Hampshire and Somerset by an established and trusted Window Cleaning Contractor.

We are a regional Window Cleaning Company that is committed to exceptional service standards. Located within Westbury, Wiltshire, we currently serve commercial and business customers throughout Wiltshire and the neighbouring counties.

Our Window Cleaning Business provides both Pure Water Window Cleaning and Traditional Window Cleaning meaning we can professionally clean both the Exterior and Interior of your building or premises.

Commercial window cleaning coverage in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Somerset.

Why Us? – Our Ethos:

Window cleaning is a relatively simple task. However, over the years I have realised that customers, both commercial and residential, generally have come to expect very little from window cleaners. This mediocre expectation has come from previous experiences of only average or satisfactory service in terms of cleaning and/or customer service.

We are consistently exceeding expectations and delivering a service you would expect from a small personal company but with professionalism of the highest degree.

Our Ethos is simple: “To conduct our business in a way which exceeds your expectations in terms of both cleaning and service.” Denis Otto , Director

Commercial Window Washing & High Rise Window Cleaning

Exterior Window Cleaning – We use Pure Water Window Cleaning Systems. This is essentially, a telescopic pole and brush which jets purified water. The telescopic pole allows for easy reach of high windows safely from the ground. The brush and it’s special bristles provides very thorough cleaning of the glass and any frames/sills. The jet of water then rinses any dirt from the glass and frames.  Because the water is Purified; it will rinse away all dirt and leave a spotless finish without any marks on the glass.

Interior Window Cleaning – We can use Traditional Window Cleaning methods for glazing up to heights of approximately 10 feet. For interior glass which is located much higher we can use specialist window cleaning methods to clean as high as 35 feet indoors safely from the ground. This option of cleaning is sometimes preferred where there is high footfall because we do not need to rinse the glass leaving residual water behind.

Commercial window cleaning using telescopic window cleaning system

Commercial Window Washing – Edington Farm Shop, Wiltshire

Window Cleaning Services for Commercial Locations

Regardless of the type of commercial property you have or manage we will be able to provide cleaning for you. Some of the main types of commercial premises that we conduct window cleaning for include but are not limited to:

  • Hotels & Spas
  • Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities
  • Retail Units & Shops
  • Industrial Units
  • Flats & Managed Leasehold Buildings
  • Office Window Cleaning

These Commercial Window Washing Services are available throughout Wiltshire, Hampshire & Somerset.

For any queries we will be delighted to visit you, discuss your requirements and to provide you a No Obligation Quotation for your Commercial Window Washing.

High Rise Window Cleaning – Height Capability

Using the latest technology Pure Water Window Cleaning Systems we can clean as high as 60 feet.

To give a down to earth indication of how high this is, we can clean windows up to 6 or 7 floors high.

We will come equipped in a van which carries it’s own water supply, warning cones and window cleaning equipment which means we can arrive and conduct our commercial window cleaning work without interruption to your daily business operations.

We will arrive on time and wearing uniform so that any personnel will be able to clearly identify us and determine reason for our presence.

Window Cleaning Contractors – Compliance

 Telescopic Window Cleaner equipment we employ can clean as high as 60 feet. This minimises the cost to you and ensures your window cleaning is extremely thorough.

Most cleaning can be conducted by a single team member safely from the ground decreasing risks in light of health and safety

Health & Safety Compliance

As a regional Window Cleaning Contractor, we are meticulous about mitigating risks for our own team as well as any third party. We maintain a global risk assessment and method statement which is available for any potential client to view upon request.

Where any Commercial Window Cleaning task presents any unique or increased risk we will perform a new risk assessment bespoke to the site and task. This ensures we are working in a manner which is safe and also deliberate; operating so risks are pro-actively mitigated.

Insurance Coverage

We maintain full insurance coverage for Public Liability and Property we are working upon.

Our Insurance documents are also available for inspection to any potential client.

Commercial Window Cleaning Quotation Request

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