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Window Cleaner Service Andover

Regular window cleaning service covering Andover in Hampshire.

Have your windows cleaned by a professional small business that already covers many delighted customers within Andover, Hampshire.

Window cleaner service Andover after window cleaning
After Window Cleaning – Bright & Fresh
Window cleaner service Andover before window cleaning
Before Window Cleaning – Tired & Dull

What Makes Us Different to Other Window Cleaners?

Windows, Frames, Sills & Doors All Cleaned

Our state of the art cleaning system will wash your entire window unit. Not just the glass.

Your windows and doors will be regularly kept exceptionally clean which will extend their life and keep your home looking great too.

Get Notified the Day Before We Visit

Your home is your home. We think it’s just courtesy to send an SMS or Email the day before we’re visiting.

That way you are kept informed and if need be, you are able to ensure there is access available for us too.

Fast & Easy
Online Payments

The last thing you want is someone knocking at your door during the evening to collect a cash payment.

Especially when you don’t usually carry cash.

With us, you can make your payment online in just a few simple clicks.

Choose From 6 or 9 Weekly Visits

You want your windows cleaned at a frequency that suits you, not us.

We let you choose how often we visit so the service works for you.

Most clients have their windows cleaned every 6 weeks which is 8 times per year.

Andover Window Cleaning – How Does It Work

Window Cleaning has changed significantly over recent years. Today we operate the latest purified or De-ionised water cleaning that is able to deliver deep and thorough cleaning. This system is very tough on dirt whilst being gentle on the frames.

Reach Any Window – We use telescopic poles with specialist brush attachments which can clean deep into the crevices and tight corners of your windows. The telescopic pole system can also reach up to 6 floors high which means we can usually clean any roof windows, velux or skylights you may have with ease.

You Have Better Privacy – Because the system uses telescopic poles, you won’t have one of us up at your upstairs windows anymore. So when we visit for cleaning you can carry on as you please whilst enjoying full privacy from now on.

Accessibility – For cleaning we do require that there is access around your property. This can be via a side or rear gate or even via a garage if your home is link detached for example. We are unable to transit through your home for cleaning as we require a hose to reach the location of cleaning.

When We Visit – If your windows are to be cleaned every 6 weeks we will visit you every 6 weeks give or take a few days. We won’t always visit on the same day of the week as our working patterns can be subject to short notice change. We are able to notify you the day before and this can be done via Text message or Email. Our visit timings will be within 0830-1830hrs Monday through Saturday.

Where Do Our Services Cover?

Our Window cleaning service covers all of the Andover SP10 and SP11 postal areas. See the map below for coverage of our services.

Andover Window Cleaning – Testimonials

Heather via Google

“Have used Omega Window Cleaning for over two years. They are extremely polite and friendly young men. They even cleaned out the gutters and facias. Have recommended them to my neighbours.”

Jennifer via Facebook

“Brilliant service, always on time, easy to contact and great finish! 
I’ve honestly had no trouble since using the service, they don’t make a mess or get in the way, their staff are super friendly and helpful and the best window cleaner I’ve used and will keep using them!”

How much will your window cleaning cost?
Andover Window Cleaning Prices

Whilst the price of your window cleaning will vary based on the specifics of your home; we work from these baseline prices for all of our window cleaning in Andover.

Flat or Coach-House £12-£14
Small House £14-£16
Medium House £16-£18
Large House £19 onwards

These prices include cleaning of all frames, glass, window sills and your doors on a recurring basis such as every 6 or 9 weeks.

Where in Andover do our window cleaning services cover?

Our window cleaning services cover the entirety of Andover in Hampshire inclusive of any postcode starting with SP10 or SP11.

It is worth mentioning that we do require some conditions to clean your home such as nearby parking as we work from our vans.

Do I need to be home when you visit for window cleaning?

No. As long as there is access available for us to clean both the front and rear windows of your home we can visit regardless of whether you are home or not.

Are you an established service provider in Andover?

Yes. We have been conducting window cleaning in Andover since 2016 and have many clients who use our services on a recurring basis.

Please feel free to check our Andover Google Listing Here where you can view many reviews from other highly satisfied clients who have scored us 5 of 5 stars for our attitude and quality of service.

Get Your Window Cleaning Quote

Which cleaning services do you require?
Window Cleaning - No ConservatoryWindow Cleaning - inc Conservatory (Roof Excluded)Gutter ClearanceGutter & Fascia WashConservatory Roof CleaningSolar Panel Cleaning

Do you require a Regular Service (ie every 6 or 9 weeks) or a One Off Service?

Is There Rear Access available via a side or rear gate?
We are unable to transit equipment through your home or garage.

Would you like any Garage Doors to be included with your cleaning?

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Professional window cleaner service for Andover in Hampshire

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