3 Reasons Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning is Better than Traditional Methods

Window Cleaning has come to a pivotal point where we face a mass change in method from using Traditional Window Cleaning methods to a newer and sometimes unfamiliar method of Window Cleaning in the form of Water Fed Pole (WFP) window cleaning using purified water and telescopic pole systems.

An Overview of Each Window Cleaning Method

Traditional Window Cleaning

Using a ladder, a bucket of soapy water and window cleaning tools, your windows are cleaned by hand and your window sills are wiped over. Think of this as the old school way of cleaning windows.

Traditional window cleaning does carry with it a perception of more experience since the window cleaner must be able to competently use a ladder and learned skill from experience is required to clean the windows well with any significant speed.

It’s also very common for traditional window cleaners to use a personal vehicle and not present themselves as a company or business.

Water Fed Pole & Purified Water Window Cleaning

Here we use a telescopic water fed pole with a brush attached at the end to clean your windows and glass. The pole is water fed allowing purified water to be sprayed through the brush.

In summary the windows will be wetted and the brush will be used to agitate and remove the dirt.

Purified water is then sprayed onto the glass to rinse away the dirt that has been cleaned. No ladders are needed and the system of cleaning is easier to use. Although it is worth noting that experience is required to be able to use the water fed pole cleaning system effectively.

There has been substantial increases in the number of window cleaners starting up in recent years as the appeal of being able to clean windows without having to climb a ladder removes a barrier for many.

Health & Safety legislation now also dictates that windows above the 1st floor should not be cleaned using a ladder and the traditional method, as there is a safer alternative available in the form of water fed pole window cleaning.

Now you understand an overview of the two window cleaning methods, let us explain why the Water Fed Pole system is more effective.

Why Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning is Superior

1. Better Accessibility of Your Hard to Reach Windows

How easily can your windows be reached for cleaning? Loft conversion windows, velux, atriums and those windows above verandas and conservatories.

Traditional window cleaning clearly falls down in terms of access. Yesterday I was cleaning these windows and the guttering and soffits around them.

The telescopic pole system I was using was extended to 35feet.

I stopped and thought, I wouldn’t want to try and clean these with a ladder.

That said the building must be at least 70 years old and there must have been a time in the past when cleaning these windows was not feasible with exception of the hand out the open window and doing the best you could based on the length of your forearms.

Window cleaning Andover Hampshire High Reach
Window cleaning at 35 feet safely from the ground

Our Water fed pole systems can reach to around 50 feet which is as high as roughly 6 floors.

Reaching windows that could not be accessed before is minimal effort even with a basic water fed pole system of only 25 feet.

In fact I have visited to provide quotations on many occasions and usually with the older population they will state that you don’t have to clean this window or that because they think it cannot be reached.

This is a result of their past experience when their window cleaners only used a ladder.

It’s refreshing to be able to thoroughly clean windows you have often given up on. It’s a nice feeling to be able to use newer technology to exceed expectations.

2. Full Privacy of Your Upstairs Windows

I was previously approached by a man who wanted us to take over his window cleaning purely on the grounds of privacy.

This man was most unimpressed that the traditional window cleaner had arrived and started cleaning without knocking on the door first.

The result was this; a young man less that 30 cms from their bedroom glass taking a mental photograph of the wife undressed. Very awkward.

Talk about confessions of a window cleaner. The husband was excited to observe us using the purified water fed pole system to clean glass in his neighbourhood realising the benefits of privacy were clear to see.

He has had us cleaning his windows ever since and only regrets not finding us earlier.

The point here needs little discussion. Water Fed Pole window cleaning affords privacy of upstairs windows whereas traditional cleaning does not.

3. Your Window Frames are Cleaned More Thoroughly

There is window cleaning. And then there is window cleaning.

With the traditional method of window cleaning the windows the frames and the sills will, in most cases, be fully wiped clean. They will be clean to look at.
With water fed pole window cleaning it will not only be clean to look at.
It will also be clean where you can’t see.

Water fed pole window cleaning is capable of an extremely deep clean of your window frames and sills. This is because of the specialist brushes and the clever design of the bristles on our brushes.

Rather than just wiping over and leaving dirt within crevices and corners which are more than hard to clean using a cloth.
The brushes clean into the most intricate areas you can think of.
Why does this matter if both methods look clean?

With water fed pole window cleaning delivering more thorough cleaning your windows stay cleaner for longer.

When it rains your windows get wet. Rain water will carry and rinse dirt that has accumulated within crevices. This is why your windows look dirty following significant rain.
The rainwater itself is clean. It’s the dirt that is sitting in the places you can’t see which causes them to look so bad.
Water fed pole window cleaning reduces this massively and what’s even better is it keep your window frames in a better state of repair for longer because they are maintained to a higher standard.

Your Common Objections

A Poor Experience of Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning?

When out delivering leaflets one day I was asked the question; “do you use the pole thing or do you clean them properly?”

I discussed the different types of cleaning with the individual and come to realise that they had once had a window cleaner conduct cleaning of their home. On this occasion said window cleaners did not clean off the window sills very well.

The lasting outcome is that the homeowner has now come to the assessment that it is the fault of the system.

This is like blaming a poor tasting meal on the oven in which it was cooked.

A system is only as effective as the operator and in the example given the operator had done a poor job.

The system itself is capable of delivering a fantastic job but only when operated correctly.

And as you know with tradesmen and other services in general, you will no doubt experience the good, the bad and those in between.

To avoid being caught out by a window cleaner with less than great standards, look for reviews online across different platforms such as Google Map Listings and Facebook.

See over which period these reviews were left. Ideally a business with high standards will receive consistent good reviews over a long period of time such as 1 year plus.

By having your business presence online and open for all and any customers or otherwise to review, you have an obligation to conduct your work to a good standard and be held accountable.

This makes it a lot more likely that the service standards of those online will be better in general than those who are not.

Water Marks on the Glass?

Water fed pole systems can leave marks on the glass whereas traditional cleaning does not.


Explore the reasoning to this and you find that there is more than meets the eye.

When using the water fed pole system the windows are left wet. In some cases you may very well experience water marks on the glass. This may occur as spots or as run marks from the tops of the panes.

This is not caused by the water unless not properly filtered. In our case we check our water for dissolved solids each day before cleaning to ensure it is at optimum purity. That way we can be 100% confident that when it dries it won’t leave marks on the glass.

In the unlikely event you do experience water marks on the glass it is simply a bi-product of a much more thorough clean to your windows and will pass after they have been cleaned a couple of times.

What you see on your glass as a water mark is actually where dirt has seeped out from crevices and vents following the window cleaning.

You see, because the brushes can clean so much more deeply you can sometimes experience this water mark symptoms.

Statistically, following the initial window cleaning visit, 1 in 10 experience this and it is usually limited to your windows when they have seen excessive build ups of dirt or are a much older frame which has not been cleaned thoroughly for many years.

When we visit and conduct your window cleaning we will always explain this during or following the initial visit.

Also, our work is guaranteed so should you experience this, let us know and we’ll pass by to sort it at our earliest convenience.

Speed – It’s Much Faster when Cleaning with WFP

You may have the feeling that your windows are cleaned too fast when your window cleaner uses a water fed pole system.

You feel that your money is not going as far? Perhaps the value is less than that of having a traditional window cleaner spend twice as long to achieve the same result?

Would you expect to pay less for a motor car taxi than if someone came to provide you transport with a horse and carriage? Just because the car works less harder than the horse?

Advances in technology provide faster and more efficient solutions. But they do come at a price for those who have them.

Remember that you are buying a result and not the process.

Water fed pole window cleaning delivers a better result and with prices similar in most cases. The increased cleaning power of the water fed pole system can be considered to be subsidised by the reduction in time it takes.

It may also be worth noting that Water Fed Pole window cleaning systems require huge up front investments to acquire or lease.

Furthermore, there is considerable running costs of water fed pole systems.

Even the water, which has to be specially purified, cost around £1.00 per average house cleaned.

So yes, while it is quicker, you’re not likely to see your window cleaner driving a Ferrari on the weekend.


If you’re still having your windows cleaned the old fashioned way then consider changing over and benefiting from the advances in window cleaning that the water fed pole system delivers.

When it comes to you having your windows cleaned on a regular basis such as every 4, 6 or 8 weeks for example, the pole system is better 99% of the time. Providing your window cleaner is thorough you will receive a quicker and more thorough service. No fussing with a ladder on your property and no one up at your windows either. Sills and those crevices remain cleaner and the operation of the system is clearly safer as our feet stay on the ground.

With us, our price for cleaning using the water fed pole will also be cheaper. We take into account the increased time to clean using the traditional method of cleaning and also the risk of accident and injury. It is only fair that when performing a job to achieve the same result, the method with increased risk of injury carries further compensation.

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