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We’re Formally Trained and take a serious view to Health & Safety Standards to deliver you Confidence in your render cleaning experience.

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Benefits of Your Render Cleaning

As a client of Omega Window Cleaning; there is some benefits that you may like:

City & Guilds Assured Training

We have completed formal training and our knowledge has been assessed to earn a City & Guilds Accreditation.

Clearly Structured
Pricing System

Your price is determined based on a fair and consistent pricing system so you can choose with confidence.

Health & Safety Executive
Compliance & Knowledge

We take product knowledge and health & safety seriously because render is expensive and risks are real.

Allocated Cleaner – DBS Clear

Your own assigned render cleaner is DBS cleared for your peace of mind.

Render Cleaning Prices

Guideline Render Cleaning prices so you’ll have a good idea of approximate prices for your render cleaning services. Every home is different so we’ll always quote first for clarity.

Small House
Approx £400

Medium House
Approx £550

Large House
Approx £700

Organic Option
Fast Results Option

How Will my Render cleaning service work?

Your Render Cleaning Journey

Render cleaning services can be arranged easily from your own home. We always provide well organised and clear quotes which are provided via email and allow you to make a comfortable and informed choice with your cleaning.

1. Request your quote

Complete the Quote Request form below. It takes just 2 mins and follow this up by sending some simple photos of your house.


Your quote is sent clearly laid out so you can choose your cleaning without any pressure. Let us know what cleaning you require.


You will be assigned an estimated week for your cleaning and you will get an SMS Notification the day before we visit as confirmation.

4. your Render is cleaned

We’ll arrive on the day to clean your render. We only need access around the outside of your home. We’ll ensure all is shiny & clean and your invoice will be emailed to you within a few days.

Render Cleaning Questions – FAQs

What Causes the Green, Red and Black Staining on my Walls?

The green, red and black discolouration is actually caused by algae which comes to live in the wall’s surface and multiply. Once noticed this should be cleaned by a trained professional quickly to avoid ongoing damage.

The black algae in particular is very bio-corrosive and if left for extended periods of time will always leave subtle ghosting marks where it was present even after cleaning.

Because the issue is caused by algae which a biological growth, a specific solution is required as opposed to surface cleaning alone. The exterior surface of your home’s render covering is actually porous; similar to a sponge if it were hard instead of soft.

The algae lives on the surface and within the pores as well so it is deeply embedded into the walls requiring an intelligent approach to cleaning which addresses this specifically in order to get long lasting cleaning results.

Does Pressure Washing Work?

Pressure washing is an effective method of cleaning but we do not recommend this for cleaning the render on your exterior walls. This is for 3 reasons.

1. The high pressures that are used with pressure washing, especially with some of the ‘turbo’ nozzles available, can actually damage the outermost layers of your render. This will actually make the issue worse in the future.

2. Pressure washing usually cleans in a patchy manner which is highly noticeable on a surfaces such as render because it’s colour is so consistent as opposed to a driveway where there is natural variations of colour across a given surface area.

3. Pressure washing is unable to clean deep into the renders porous surface and kill/remove all biological growths of algae that exist. This means that you could see the algae and discolouration returning very quickly after surface cleaning because only the visible outermost surface has been cleaned.

How Do We Clean Your Render Walls?

We always start with a Site Survey to make an assessment of your home’s specific condition. We can then determine a biological based cleaning approach which will gently clean your rendered exterior walls and address the root cause of the issue. Our cleaning is usually conducted over two visits where a follow up visit is made to assess the cleaning and address any specific or stubborn marks that may still exist on your walls after the initial cleaning treatment. We will talk you through the process and the expectations of cleaning as well. We fully adhere to Health and Safety Guidance and strictly only use cleaning products which are licensed for exterior cleaning uses.

Do You Use Cleaning Products Approved by HSE (Health & Safety Executive) England?


Render cleaning involves methods of moderate risk in either process or substance used. We ensure that we only use products which are fully compliant with the GB CLP (Classification, Labelling, Packaging) Regulation.

In summary this ensures that products are correctly labelled, packaged and classified for their intended use.

Do you have insurance to cover for accidents for my home and cars when you’re working here?


We are insured for up to £5 million for Public Liability and Damage to Property. Accidents are very unusual but do happen.

Should an accident happen we are protected by insurance coverage but to ensure a better experience we may rectify the issue independently to make the process smooth and reduce stress that can sometimes occur when dealing with insurers.

Our strategic view is always one of how to set things right in the best way possible for you. 

Do I have to be home for cleaning?


We carry all equipment, supplies, water and power within our vans. All we need is access around the exterior of your property.

There is no need to wait in. As long as your gate is unlocked or the bolt is accessible over the fence then we will conduct the cleaning and leave your home as we found it except for cleaning.

We always work from a clearly signed van and wear uniform so it will be clear to neighbours who we are and what we are doing in light of not causing alarm.

I have been offered a simple bleach based cleaning service. What is the difference between this and your service?

Bleach based products are absolutely fine for exterior cleaning. However, it is important to verify the type of bleach based product used is formulated for the intended purpose of exterior cleaning.

Given the strength of some of the chemicals, severe and expensive damage can be caused to your property if application is not planned and properly completed.

It is not uncommon for example, for exterior cleaners to use industrialised bleach intended for swimming pool or dairy farming to clean a home’s exterior simply because it is a cheaper alternative to specially formulated and approved products. As a result, labels and usage directions are not supplied for this misuse which puts your home at risk and even void insurance cover related to this. Also, without proper training severe damage to the environment and the health of those within proximity of the chemical usage can be at risk. This can be as simple as breathing in vapour from a spray application that may spread hundreds of metres subject to wind conditions and height of application.

We promote a Biocide based cleaning option unless very fast results are absolutely necessary. Biocide works better for the long term cleanliness of your render and presents less risk to others, your property and the wider environment.

We can use a bleach based option and we use a specifically formulated product which is label compliant and approved for render cleaning by HSE England.

I have pets and am worried about restricted exterior access during and following my render cleaning?

Our Biocide based product is safe as soon as it is dry which is usually within a couple of hours.

Alternatively, we are able to offer a fully organic cleaning option which presents no risk to children, pets and adults alike during and after it’s application.

It is able to clean just as well and been specially designed to avoid some of the limitations and concerns that exist in relation to this sort of cleaning. It can be quite intrusive having cleaning work carried out at your home and use of specific outdoor areas can be restricted for some time afterwards as well.

With our Organic Render Cleaning option this limitation is completely removed and you can enjoy your home during and after cleaning without much interference.

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“Omega Window Cleaning always do a fantastic job cleaning our windows. Honest, reliable and friendly and they get to know there customers which is something of a rarity these days. Highly recommended!”

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