Leaking Gutter – Get Your Gutter Leak Fixed Fast

Your gutter is leaking. You’re unsure whether it is the gutter joint leaking or a more serious problem. All you know is that you want a fix for your leaking gutter and have probably delayed getting someone round to take a look because you may think it will be expensive.

Worry no more because most gutter leaks and gutter repairs can be fixed easily by us. We can fix your gutters in addition to our window cleaning services or as a stand alone service.

Don’t Ignore Your Gutter Leak – It Could Cost You Dearly

As mentioned, a leaking gutter can be easily repaired. In itself a leak in your gutter is a simple issue to overlook. Especially if the leak is not directly above you getting you wet all the time.

However, a leaking gutter can lead to more serious issues if left to carry on.

If the cause of a blockage is left then this can lead to damage to your sub roofing as the gutter can remain full with water and with some tile installations; this can cause damp and rot of the sub roofing. While most gutters can be cleared for between £39-£59 with us, we are confident that roofing repairs will not be so reasonable.

Should your issue be a leaking joint then this is not as serious but can still cause rot and damage of your fascia boards, especially if they are wooden.

Even PVC or plastic fascia boards can experience staining from prolonged exposure to drips and leaks.

Take Action – Fix Your Gutter Leak

If you have finally had enough of looking at the overflow of water each time it rains. Or getting wet from that dreaded drip that happens to be directly over the path from your front door to your car.

Take a look below as we take you through the identification guide for your gutter leak.

1. Your Gutter is Blocked or a Part is Faulty.

When it comes to your gutters leaking it is almost certain to be caused by one of two root causes. Either your gutter is blocked from a build up of moss, leaves and the debris that blows and falls into your gutters. Or you have a faulty or worn part within your gutter system.

The symptoms of each are slightly different and are easy to spot when you know what you are looking for. Read on and we talk through how to identify and discuss the issue of each. We also provide options for how these issues can be repaired so your gutters work properly and are drip or leak free.

Blocked Gutter

How to Spot – You will usually be able to identify that your gutter is blocked if the water is overflowing from your gutters.

The Issue – Over time your gutters will collect lots of leaves, moss and other debris. These commonly fall from nearby trees into the gutters or onto the roof which then roll into the gutter later.

This collection of debris will compost within the gutters as they typically remain wet. Over winter this process is turbocharged as the trees drop all of their leaves.

Gutter full of moss – Causing restricted water flow

Everything that collects into your gutter generally stays put because the guttering is installed more or less flat. Once it builds up to a certain level it will restrict and then stop the water flowing to such a point that you will observe an overflow.

The Solution – Put simply, you require your gutters to be professionally cleared. This can be done by hand or with a specialist vacuuming system.

If you have a conservatory for example or gutters over a dormant roof you will require a specialist with a vacuum system.

Clear gutter – Water is able to flow freely

There is no need to read onto steps 2 to 4. You need to book gutter clearance to clear your gutters and restore good flow of water away from your property.

Gutter Clearance is available with us from £39 using the vacuuming system and is available from Andover through to Westbury.

Leaking Gutter

How to Spot – You are looking for a drip or leak from a bracket type section/ joint of your gutters.

Union joint leaking

The Issue – There a few key types of gutter joint that commonly leak and mostly caused by the same inherent problem.

These guttering joints are designed to seal two sections of gutter to aid leak free water flow. Regardless of the type of joint, almost all use the same method which is two rubber seals.

These seals are the issue as they become flattened and harden over time. When new the seals are full of elasticity and form a firm seal between the joint and the gutter pipe.

Worn seals – Sepressed and brittle.

The Solution – We simply change the affected joint for a new one which is able to form a water tight and reliable seal fixing your gutter leak.

New seals – Supple and elastic.

If you’re experiencing a leaking joint, the good news is it’s a fairly easy fix. See the information below to identify the type of Gutter Joint and the type of gutter you have and we can then easily assist to have you repaired in no time.

Go to Step 2 below.

2. Identify Your Gutter Type

The three main Gutter types below shown with images for clarity. Each of these gutter types are available in four main colours. Black and White are the most commonly featured colours for plastic gutters although Grey and Brown are also available. Be sure to note your Gutter type and colour when getting in touch to streamline the process.


An almost square or squared appearance


Round half circle shape and completely regular


Ogee gutters are in between the round and square – curvy at the front for better looks

3. Identify Your Joint Type

The joints below are not a complete list of all available. That said, they are the joints that we typical repair 95% of the time in order of regularity from left to right.

These joints are shown in various colours and types of guttering although it is worth noting that regardless of the the type of joint, they are all available in all colours and gutter types.




90 Degree

4. Book Your Gutter Fix Today

Now you should be in a position to understand exactly what the issue is and if necessary which part is required to repair your gutter leak. This saves us having to visit you just to make this assessment and means your gutter leak can be repaired much quicker.

The button below will take you to our gutter cleaning page. Scroll to the bottom to book your gutter repair and or clearance.

PS. It’ll open in a New Window so you can check back to see which type of Gutter and Joint you need.

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