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Routine Cleaning

Conservatory Cleaning should form an integral part of your home’s cleaning schedule. Your conservatory extension will usually see a build up of an unsightly green film and dirt as you can see in the images below. Moss falling onto your conservatory roof is another common occurrence which also makes your conservatory look a little tired and unloved.

The reason you have a conservatory installed is to add additional, useable and enjoyable space to your home.  Don’t allow it to become a neglected and unused part of your home. Have us visit and conduct some cleaning to restore it’s brightness and shine so you can enjoy it like as if it were brand new.

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How We Do It – Conservatory Cleaning

We use purified/ de-ionised water and specialist soft brushes to gently and thoroughly clean the entire exterior of your conservatory.

For the conservatory roof we will clean all the panels whether they are plastic or glass as well as all the framework.  Especially if you have white upvc framework of your conservatory we will be able to get it fully cleaned and restore it’s shine.

Should your conservatory have decorative lattice work at the top we can also completely clean this safely too.

We can do all this cleaning without having to actually go onto your conservatory roof. The brushes we use are on lightweight telescopic poles and this is great because it minimised the possibility of damaging the conservatory panels or causing them to slip which is very common.

No chemicals – With out cleaning system we don’t use any chemicals so it’s completely safe. We simply take time and attention to detail to get your conservatory cleaner than ever before. We will soak the dirt and film and then agitate with the brushes. We take extra care to ensure all the crevices are fully cleaned too because if any dirt is left within them, it’ll accelerate how fast it becomes dirty again.

How Often Should I Get My Conservatory Cleaned?

On average, you should have your conservatory cleaned professionally twice a year to ensure it’s properly maintained. However, it is worth noting that depending on the placement of the conservatory, location of your house and proximity to trees, how often you require cleaning will vary a little.

For example if your home has tall trees family close and they drop a lot of leaves and sap throughout the year. You may wish to have cleaning conducted every quarter. We advise to conduct a visual check every month and make an informed judgement for yourself.

When your conservatory starts to show a build up of film and you begin to see moss growth within crevices and joints, it’s time to get it cleaned before it cause further damage.

Conservatory Cleaning Prices?

Every Conservatory is different in some respect. Even where two conservatories are identical within different homes, the accessibility can be different.

To make it as easy as possible we keep to the average prices when quoting for ease and to give you a clearer picture of the cost involved.


Roof Only

Entire Conservatory













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