Conservatory Cleaners and Conservatory Roof Cleaning

Pitched Conservatory Roof - After
Pitched Conservatory Roof – After
Pitched Conservatory Roof - Before
Pitched Conservatory Roof – Before

Conservatory Cleaning – Here’s Why

No More Green Algae & Moss
Conservatory Cleaning should form an integral part of your home cleaning schedule.
Don’t let the green algae, dirt and moss collect and inhabit your conservatory.
It not only looks unsightly but it also severely restricts natural light into your conservatory making it feel unpleasant to occupy.

Specialist Cleaning System
Our cleaning system will get your conservatory cleaned within all crevices and all of the roof safely from the ground.
Within just a few hours we can get your conservatory looking like new again with a complete exterior Conservatory Valet. By request we can also completely clean the interior as well including all the roof panels and framework too.

Flat Conservatory Roof – After
Flat Conservatory Roof – Before

See what your neighbours have to say…

Bob W

“I thought I would wait for a few months before commenting as I was pleasantly surprised by the service and cleanliness of not only the windows but the doors and window frames too. I’m pleased to say that my first impressions have proved to be sound and the service continues to be excellent.”

Laura W

“I’ve been using Omega windows for 2 years now and I highly recommend them.! My windows are always left sparky & clean thanks to Omega. Denis and his team are very reliable, trustworthy and so polite. Omega Window Cleaning are a fantastic window cleaning service and are very reasonability priced.
Fantastic job every time ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

How Our Conservatory Cleaner Service Works

A Complete Service
When we conduct your conservatory cleaning, we will always clean all external aspects of your conservatory.

This includes your
Conservatory Roof – including the Finials, Frames and Panels. We are very particular of the finials and the finer details within the frames and guarantee you will satisfied.
Conservatory Gutter (Optional) – Sometimes when cleaning the roof, debris will be left in the gutter of your conservatory so we make sure we clear the debris from your conservatory gutter too.
Conservatory Sides – When cleaning any conservatory roof it is inevitable that the sides are made dirty in the process. Our quoted prices always include cleaning of the vertical panels / conservatory sides as well.

Part of a Regular Window Cleaning Service
If you are requesting Conservatory Roof Cleaning as part of your regular Window Cleaning Service, we will adjust your quote to factor in that your conservatory sides are already included within your Regular Window Cleaning price.

This way you are only paying for the Conservatory Roof Cleaning element.

Conservatory Cleaning Prices

Every Conservatory is different in some respect but with our experience we are able to competently clean almost any conservatory you may have.

The below prices are provided to give you a guideline figure for the price of cleaning your conservatory.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning
Guide Prices
£7.00 per Roof Panel

Small – £42 (Min Charge)

Medium – £70

Large – £105

Very Large – £140

Conservatory Gutter Clearance – £24*
(Optional Add On)

A minimum of £14 or 75p per pane will be added for cleaning glazing on the conservatory sides when Conservatory Roof Cleaning is being conducted without a Window Cleaning service.

*Conservatory gutter clearance is priced at just £10 if performed as an add-on to the Gutter Clearance of your overall property.

Don’t Put it Off Any Longer

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