Commercial Window Cleaning in Bath

Our Bath Commercial Window Cleaning Service is fully equipped to deliver both Interior and Exterior window cleaning up to 6 floors high.

Our team is fully trained and we utilise the best equipment available on the market to enable us to clean your windows effectively and efficiently.

We have full liability insurances and we take Health & Safety very seriously. Our compliance is some of the very best within the industry.

We are also VAT registered and cover all of Bath including the peripheral areas.

I’m Denis Otto; the owner of Omega Window Cleaning. I’m still an operator within my business and with the assistance of my small team we will deliver a competent professional window cleaning service for your business.

The key area where we shine is that our team all have previous experience within customer service roles. So when we attend your business for window cleaning you are assured that we will keep to the following promises:

1. Appearance – Have a well turned out appearance with uniforms and appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
2. Attitude – Be polite and courteous to your staff and also any customers that visit your business. We will serve as an extension of your great service.
3. Ability – Conduct our work to the best of our ability each and every time.

Our team are all managers in their own respect with the responsibility, initiative and the authority to make any decisions necessary to ensure your cleaning is conducted to the best standard possible whilst minimising disruption to your business.

Commercial window cleaning using telescopic window cleaning system

The Three Daggers in Edington, Wiltshire

WIndow cleaning in Bath, Lansdown crescent using water fed pole system

Exterior Cleaning at Lansdowne Crescent, Bath

Clients We Proudly Serve

Where We Specialise

Bath Hotel & Hospitality Window Cleaning

Years of experience window cleaning for premium hotels has taught us a great deal of the nuances associated with it.

As a hotel manager you have a duty to keep a large hotel running smoothly, ensuring maintenance is continually performed whilst keeping guests happy who mostly don’t want to see this maintenance occur.

We ensure that we attend your hotel with top tier presentation. A clean van and well presented staff will arrive at a convenient time to conduct cleaning of specific areas within time brackets that work for you.

In most instances this means cleaning of reception, restaurant and spa areas prior to breakfast. Following checkout guest rooms and remaining areas will be cleaned prior to check in time.

If your hotel is a little larger we can simply allocate 2-3 vans for the job at the required times or spread the cleaning over two days.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our attitude and service so much so that your hotel guests will find us as pleasant as your best peak time receptionist. Warm, courteous, smily and happy to help even if it’s beyond window cleaning.

Bath Care Homes Window Cleaning

Sometimes within the window cleaning industry it can be the case that cleaners do not extend as much passion for cleaning of commercial properties compared to residential houses.

Put simply; it is usually because it does not personally belong to someone and so it is perceived that there is less concern and/or appreciation of how well the windows are cleaned.

We don’t think like this. A care home is a home for many of our loved ones and should be cleaned with the upmost care, passion and pride.

My team are also DBS checked to ensure we have conducted our due diligence and ascertained they are of the highest standard of trustworthiness.

Finally, our clients always have great things to say about us. There is over 100 reviews of our services online which can be found across Facebook, Google and Yell. Not one of them is negative in nature which gives you an idea of the type of people will be visiting your care home for window cleaning.

Your residents will be pleased to see us and we will be happy to be cordially professional in our approach to delivering you the best service possible.

Health & Safety, Insurance and Compliance

The risk of Health and Safety is often overlooked until it is too late.

In many cases this will leave you responsible as the hiring person due to work taking place at your site.

With us you can rest assured. We maintain a global Risk Assessment & Method Statement which is reviewed regularly by our team. In addition to this we continually hold liability insurance cover for our work and our staff.

If necessary, we will draft and send you a specific RAMS for cleaning of your property which will review and sign off prior to each cleaning visit. This provides you the maximum assurance that we will conduct your window cleaning to the safest standards for your property, your team and your customers too.

Our Insurance covers the following:
£5 Million Public and Property Liability
£5 Million Damage to Property Worked Upon
£10 Million Employers Liability

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